I am no longer traveling, how can I keep using Revolut as my #1 bank in NL?

I have been using Revolut for quite some time now. I live in NL, where MasterCards are not as widely accepted as Maestro. I am barely using Revolut now simply because my grocery store, cafetaria, gym etc only accept Maestro.

For that reason Revolut has decided to give new Dutch users a Maestro card by default when they sign up now.

Pretty smart, but when I joined Revolut (as a Dutch person) this was not the case. I have a Mastercard.

Luckily, the end date on my Mastercard (as ‘free user’) is 08/19, which means I am up for renewal!

2 questions:

  1. Is it possible to receive a Maestro card now instead of renewing my Mastercard?
  2. Is it possible to receive the Maestro card and a renewed Mastercard in 1 shipping?

I am asking this because if both are not possible, I have to pay €13 for a Maestro card. Which seems excessive. If it was a Mastercard, OK I am willing to pay for that but a Maestro is a much cheaper type of card with lower costs! Paying the same price (€6) for it as for an extra MasterCard plus shipping (€6) does not make much sense to me.

I hope Revolut can help me. I have already pushed 6 people to join Revolut (over the past 6 months) which they did.

I contacted support 2 times to explain this and even though both times I had a live agent, they only wrote default standard FAQ answers back that did not had much to do with my questions.

If you’re a Dutch users you should be able to order a Maestro card through the app. If you’re not given the option, I’d suggest you open up a chat and ask them to place an order for you. In regards to the fees for a new card, I won’t be able to answer that as that is the choice of Revolut.

Explain to them that new users are now given a Mastro card, which you’re not. Ask if they can replace your MasterCard with a Maestro free of charge. If they do, you could go order another MasterCard after that.


If you request a new card in the app it should show which kind of card you’ll get.

I appreciate your reply, but since I wrote the exact price of the costs of a Maestro card, you can assume I already know I can order a Maestro card through the app. My questions are clear: I would like to receive a Maestro instead of a renewed Mastercard. This is not possible in the app.

As mentioned in my post I already contacted Support twice and did exact that. They replied like a dumb chat bot (but it was really a Live agent and I kept pushing, no result).

Seriously, please read my first post again. I know I can order cards through the app.

I asked 2 clear questions and hoped someone from Revolut could answer. I apreciate people trying to be helpful but you are not even reading my first post completely.

In that case you should ask a suport agent. It’s unfortunate that you’ve had bac luck with the two previous cases, but try again.

Combined shipping isn’t possible.

If you would report all your cards lost/stolen, you could order a Maestro card for free, only shipping costs would apply.

If you would then order a 2nd card (e.g. a Mastercard), you would then have to pay for card and shipping.

So bottom line is you would end up with the same total sum.

(Maestro cards aren’t really much cheaper. For Mastercard, Debit Mastercard and Maesto falls into the same category.)

Your questions were:

  1. Is it possible to receive a Maestro card now instead of renewing my Mastercard?
  2. Is it possible to receive the Maestro card and a renewed Mastercard in 1 shipping?

The answer I gave answers your first question, I didn’t mean to offend you :slight_smile:

I think the same rules apply to everyone, to get a new physical card you have to pay the fee. If your old card expires, you have to add a new one through the app (with the associated fee). I agree that it’s kind of sad that you can’t pick which kind of card you’ll get.

replacements due to expiration are free with standard delivery. the replacement function becomes available automatically 28 days before the card expires.

I got the free Pride MasterCard :slight_smile: then I asked support for the free replacement card and I chose Maestro :slight_smile:
So now I have 2 new cards for free and my old purple card will expire in August.

Note I never was able to order a replacement card myself, the option was not available not even 28 days before expiration. That’s why I contacted support and they helped me. I could simply order a card and no fee was charged.