I am disappointed by the auto opt-in to information sharing with credit bureaux

Well, that is weird, sorry Mike :sweat_smile:

For me that was very easy.

  • Sent “I want to opt out for sharing my data with credit bureaus” (to Rita or live agent, both worked)
  • Immediately got a automatic confirmation of my request, in-chat
  • the day after I got the confirmation I was opted out (in-chat with notification), done!

Try to get a live agent and ask again if you’re out or not…

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The annoying part: that’s what I’ve done when seeing that Rita and Agent-requests negate each other.
…well if nothing happenes tomorrow, i’ll go the liveagent-rout YET AGAIN.

EDIT 14.11.19
well, I have no idea which request now has been fullfilled, but I finally received the “you’ve been opted out”-message… Hope it stays this way…

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Be careful, after update today (6.17.2, Android), the marketing blablabla turned blue (opt-in) automatically…

:r: @Andreas this is not normal!!!

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As a user living in Switzerland, I’ve just received an email explaining the marketing option and also stating, that the credit bureau information sharing is only applicable to users with a home address in the UK.
For Swiss users, this new terms apply from today, 2nd of December 2019.