I am disappointed by the auto opt-in to information sharing with credit bureaux

Well, that is weird, sorry Mike :sweat_smile:

For me that was very easy.

  • Sent “I want to opt out for sharing my data with credit bureaus” (to Rita or live agent, both worked)
  • Immediately got a automatic confirmation of my request, in-chat
  • the day after I got the confirmation I was opted out (in-chat with notification), done!

Try to get a live agent and ask again if you’re out or not…

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The annoying part: that’s what I’ve done when seeing that Rita and Agent-requests negate each other.
…well if nothing happenes tomorrow, i’ll go the liveagent-rout YET AGAIN.

EDIT 14.11.19
well, I have no idea which request now has been fullfilled, but I finally received the “you’ve been opted out”-message… Hope it stays this way…

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Be careful, after update today (6.17.2, Android), the marketing blablabla turned blue (opt-in) automatically…

:r: @Andreas this is not normal!!!

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As a user living in Switzerland, I’ve just received an email explaining the marketing option and also stating, that the credit bureau information sharing is only applicable to users with a home address in the UK.
For Swiss users, this new terms apply from today, 2nd of December 2019.

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For crying out loud, it’s a MIRACLE!

…I just received an e-mail from revolut-support on the opt-out of the data-sharing, as it was stated in the newsletter back in november 2019.


Thank you so much for waiting. We’ve been busy with many requests. You should be able to give or withdraw your content to sharing information for marketing purposes in the section Dashboard -> Settings-> Privacy->Marketing. Please make sure that the app version you have is the latest one. As it is time-consuming and may cause you additional effort, if possible, it would be best if you could get in touch with our support agents via chat instead, as this is a faster and more efficient way of getting support from us - it simply gives us more options and allows us to talk live with no delays. Please go to Dashboard -> chat bubble with ? inside -> swipe down to start a new chat. Please type “live agent” to be connected to the agent.

Wow. Well fortunatly a) I found this out - thanks to you guys - long time ago, b) it turned out to be NOT a thing for those outside the UK…

But hot damn - 24h responsetime was promised… It may be just me though, but from mid November until January 3rd, it’s a bit longer than 24 hours…

(holy … :r: -Team: now THIS is a messed up situation folks)