I am disappointed by the auto opt-in to information sharing with credit bureaux

Gotten the new update (on Android), too. Now it says
“Ich möchte, dass Revolut meine Daten für gezielte Marketingkampagnen mit Werbeplattflormen Dritter verwenden kann” grey = no (deactivated)

NOW it’s clear. Too bad it wasn’t this way with the first version.

Sadly, I got no news about the “opt-out” of the credit bureau-thingy. 24h passed long time ago…

Same here! I hope my opt-out was successful. The switch is off.

Carefull, the switch’s just for the targeted marketing…
It’s no indication for the credit-bureau-thing

Thanks. Yes, you are right indeed!

For the “credit bureau thing” you have to use in-app support. It can be done automatically (without a live agent). Type “I want to opt out of sharing data with credit bureaus” or similar and Rita should be able to process your request.

We probably agreed to that anyway in the Terms & Conditions. So at least you can opt-out now.

Well ,well ,well,

A little bit more about what was said all along this topic (just because it’s monday :stuck_out_tongue: …)
After last update (6.16.1 on Android) everything is clear now and to opt-out we must turn it to grey again so check guys your settings because before the update I was on blue following what the TEXT said and not the TITLE and after update still blue meaning I agree with marketing (@resolut @jfcoelho as I said, we’re all blind regarding what’s behind the little button, and all mean you too… for next time :wink: )
But you were right on one point, the support was useless regarding their messages about this…

Anyway, with credit bureaus I got an opt-out confirmation less than 24hrs after I sent a message to live chat. Same for all people around me. So this should work fine. With or without live agent both worked.

And the last but not the least, curious about our shared datas while this misunderstanding time…

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Check out this article - https://www.siliconrepublic.com/enterprise/revolut-privacy-policy-credit-bureaus-targeted-advertising

Still haven’t heard about my request to opt-me-out of the credit-bureau-thing.
Been more than 48h now. Have to undergo another support-session tomorrow I think.

What did I miss? The article states that the changes will be active from 12 November whereas it was 5 November in the email notification I received.

Edit: These specialists can’t even write an email without mistake.
The privacy policy changes on 12 November and 5 November, as stated in the email, is incorrect.


Just checked e-mail from revolut (they sent it translated to my local lang - latvian) and it says changes will be “published online in 12 november” (probably not so good translation from eng).

I’m not a beta tester and while the article points Irish authorities reaching out to Revolut for “planned changes” those are not planned anymore, we have been discussing this toggle and the credit bureaux sharing for a week.

Anyway, if Revolut ever provides overdrafts or loans (as they say they’re coming soon [1]) or even credit cards, this might be normal practice.

[1] https://www.revolut.com/en-ES/our-plans

I just want Revolut to explain exactly why they need to share info with credit bureaux. We can guess it, but an official statement would be much better.
Revolut customers are worried about this.
Revolut can choose to fully explain this and gain our trust, or continue to keep quiet and make us even more suspicious.

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Why there isn’t toggle to opt-out from sharing info with credit bur… ???

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Why there isn’t toggle to opt-out from sharing info with credit bur

According to the article linked above it is because they share this data once per month. If true, it means that their technical implementation will look something like this:

  • Share information with credit bureaus periodically
  • Receive and maintain a credit score for all users at all times (unless opted out)
  • Once new (credit/loan) products become available, they can directly allow you to enroll without further checks.

My interpretation: Other implementations would probably have caused delay, so they figured it is better to get scores before you actually apply so they can offer you an easy sign-up experience.

Edit: of course you could still do that with a toggle, but I assume it would then be more difficult to explain that since you enabled the toggle only yesterday they do not yet have a score on record and things like that.

Still mysterious how they gonna do this, when Revolut users are from many countries. If user is from country A (not UK), will Revolut somehow contact some local bureau in country A and ask them data ? No idea how this gonna work.

I’d assume they’ll go with Intrum or a similar company/service:

With 24 offices and a global partner network, Intrum is providing debt collection across 180 countries. This gives us access to local market knowledge, with a local presence that can ensure you are paid on time. We know how to deal with your customers, regardless of language or time zone, and we take local business practices and cultures into account.

They don’t just “deal with your customers” very effectively… they also collect a lot of data.

Hello Community. I have created an account on this forum so i can open a discussion about something i can’t wrap my head around, but it seems i cannot open a new topic, so i thought i could post here since its somehow related. So here is the thing:

If you make money request to any random phone number in the world, you can find out the Name + Surname of the person you are making the request from.

Since i’ve started using Revolut, i also started receiving call from “Microsoft Support” which are actually Scammers from India that knew my first and last name, as well as phone number and country of residence.

This seems to be a massive privacy breach. I mean, i can understand that certain 3rd party business might get my information for marketing purposes and that is 100% fine, but allowing any user to see my name and last name without me having any actual control over this just seems wrong. Even worse is that fact that this vulnerability can be infinitely spammed using scripts since making a money request is free and anyone with an account can do it.

Basically all you have to do is make money requests on random numbers, and if that number corresponds to a Revolut user, than the person making the requests finds out his name and Last Name.

I know that if you call a Telephone Operator and ask for the name and last name of the person that owns X number, they are not allowed to tell you for privacy reasons.

So my question is: Is this a bug in the UX, or is this intended behavior that if i am a Revolut user i agree that anyone can find out my full name and phone number?


There is a privacy setting called “Payments with friends” that you can disable. So no one can find you with your phone number anymore.

To all others: I saw a few times already, that the “Target markting” option turned itself on again by itself. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Sooo… 96h later, still no news about me being opted-out from the credit-bureau-info-sharing.

What I found out that might have caused an issue:
1 I entered the query to opt me out. Rita answered with “she’ll take care of that”. As I had another question i needed a live-agent for (marketing-switch), i replyed to the message, which essentially disables the rita-task.
2. agent entered the opt-out-thing. presumably.
3. no news, new chat. again, rita… while waiting for the agent (who entered another opt-out-request) to check, I’ve seen: if you enter a request, it’s gonna negate the first opt-out-request. (rita - agent - rita - agent.)
…two times “opt out” means “opt in” now? AFAIK opt-in requires an “I want xyz to happen” from the customer!?
4. …here i am now.

How many days does it take for revolut to send an opt-out-confirmation (will this be via push-message or within the chat?), and what to do if both Rita/Agent seem to negate each others requests?

(this is truly “beyond banking”; absolutly no reliability, no easy way to check what’s up (no e-mail contact, only through the chat, typing on a smartphone yey), bad app-developments… …)