I am disappointed by the auto opt-in to information sharing with credit bureaux

In fact standard users just dont’care at all about how the code behind does work. The relation between the text and the toggle (however it is coded) MUST be clear and understandable wether you are a developper or not.
So Yes it is Revolut’s job to clarify this.

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I do not seem to find the In-App chat with support. Can anyone please point me to where this feature is?


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Dashboard -> speech bubble with the question mark. Then scroll down completely -> new chat.
To get a real person type “live agent” and to save time send your query before using live agent.

Thank you for your response, that’s what I thought. I do not have the speech bubble with the question mark. Must be a glitch.

From 13:31 I am waiting for the connection with the consultant. We have 18:25 and there is still no connection. For me this matter is really important because my account has been blocked which has quite a lot of money. Thanks to the information from the application I sent all the necessary documents that were to be prepared in this information. Another hour passes and there is still no connection with any of the consultants. Hence my question, how long do I have to wait for the connection with the consultant?

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It could be fairly long. See this other thread for more reference, yet this is one single example. This site and reddit are full of such experiences with different results in time and attention from Support:

installed the new revolut-app-update in hope something’d change.
unfortunatly, (in the german translation, and i can’t switch for some reason) the text is still confusing.

also, though 24h passed, i still don’t have an info about me opting out from the credit-bureau-thing.

and that @jfcoelho gotten another info today than i was given yesterday, doesn’t make it any better (at least they should unify the answers they give to customers).

DISSAPOINTING doesn’t quiet describe the issue. I’m most defenetly think of abandoning this sinking ship.


resolut… you are not helping here. You are just adding noise to the channel. Please stop it.

The text has been updated (at least in French) in latest iOS update. Now it is clear and unambiguous.

It is also clear now in the English version (6.16.2) - it has to be gray to be opted out. Just as I figured.

I want Revolut to be able to use my data for targeted marketing campaigns with third party advertising platforms.

Yes, now it’s clear. iOS:


Yes, and now it is a total violation of the GDPR.

So? Whatcha gonna do about it? :upside_down_face:

Turn it off. :slight_smile

Changing the text from “Opt out” to “I want them to use my data” is not only auto opt-in, but it is disregarding my previous setting. I am writing them but of course nothing will come out of it. @HeinrichP-DK, did you get a response?

Man that’s cold - you could at least say “Yeah, @Regalia you where right this time.” :rofl:

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But you weren’t, sorry. Changing a text from “opt out” to “opt in” is not a clarification, it is a 180 degree turn.

But I was. I clearly said following:

So cut me some slack there. :rofl:

Oh you should. Because if no one complains nothing will change. :+1:

Well, this discussion was not exactly fruitful before, and now it is totally pointless :laughing:.

I agree that you had the right interpretation of what they wanted to display. So, yes, you were right! They indeed made it auto opt-in.

But you were wrong about what they did display. The setting title + the detailed label is what the setting is, not only the title if the label provides an exact description of the switch’s state and its implications.

Come on guys. Relax. Please.
In our little community I believe it’s more important to support each other instead of pointing fingers…

The real problem still remains: how on Earth Revolut dared to opt-in all clients by default? It’s a perfect case of GDPR violation.

And more serious issue that by creating ambiguity in the various interpretations clients who wanted to opt-out were unintentionally opting-in by confusion.

Consequently, there were times when private info and data were shared without our given consent (consciously). So at the end Revolut easily managed to get this. I wonder if any data was already shared or not… ?

This is the valid question…