I am awaiting local GPB transfer yet to reflect in my account balance


Please I NEED URGENT RESPONSE and address this situation.
A transfer has been made UK-to-UK local GBP to my revolut account and has never reflected.
PLEASE what is the customer care number and email of Revolut Please.


Hi! You can get in touch with support quicker on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Revolut’s Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/revolutapp/ ) :smiley: Also, keep in mind that transfers can take between 1 and 5 days!



Did you manage to get in touch with our support team?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K.


yes thank you Andreas, I am not happy though.
What is the essence of having a bank account claimed even to be “beyond
banking” when I can not do interbavnk transactions…It’s sick!


Hi Peter!
What happened to the transfer that has upset you? :frowning:


The revolut team claimed they would be returning the money to the sender,
if the sender cannot open a revolut account to transfer to me.
This is coming even after you have confirmed the party did the transfer in
my favour with my reference number. And you have received the fund in
revolut system.
That is disservice!!!


Same here, but from an account in euros to my Revolut one. I made a transfer to top up my account. Money has been withdrawn from my account almost 5 days ago. However I still cannot see it in my Revolut account. What happened with my money?


Are you referring to a third party transfer?


Hey, as I can see an agent asked you to provide the bank transfer confirmation. Please reach out our in-app support team and send the bank transfer confirmation in the chat.


Are you referring to me bro?
We have moved further than that my brother.


I have sent the payment confirmation.
Initially they said they have not received the fund, later yesterday I was sent a confirmation that the fund has been received with my reference number in my payment confirmation page.
Why then would they say, unless the person opens a revolut account, the fund would be returned to sender (after deducting 5euros)
REVOLUT is one of the most securely verified account I have ever USED or seen. And I love it so, which makes me feel secure using its Services.
Then we should get the benefit in form of Services.
Not being able to do third party transfers despite the highest security verification is worthless.


Same thing here, I was supposed to receive an advance pay as a last resort Between Friday and Monday . Guess who has to sleep outside in London tonight for the 3rd time, because of Some issues with the supplier.
When money is at stake, support is important, at all times .
Thanks for nothing .


Yeah. Here still the same AndreasK.

Wrote again to support with the confirmation.
Similar to yesterday, it will take hours (yesterday took you guys 10h to response) while you’ll close the chat after 10min. of no response from my part (note as well time of your response was 5 AM, so of course I was sleeping!).

And money is still not in my Revolut account…

Really bad first impressions of your product and services… :frowning:


And please how do one access his account statement downloaded and or printed please


Scroll all the way down on the currency that you want a statement of, and tap this :slight_smile: