I also want my money back


[quote] I posted my case in reddit today and end up in here._
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My company sent me 2 payments on the Revolut account, one of them (around £1K) was reverted (based on an unclear policy). The other one, of a greater value, is “lost”.

I’ve been arguing with Revolut support for almost 20 days without success. Their last statement (14 days after the payment was sent) said they could not identify the money, even though I provided the transfer confirmation from the sender bank.

My company’s finance department just confirmed that the money went to the final destination and there was no remark from their bank or reverted payments.

I posted all [conversation with support in here.](https://imgur.com/a/s9pUF).

Revolut, can you give my money back?

This will be a last attempt before going to the Financial ombudsman (thanks for reedit for leeting me know about it)

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We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. We are always happy to investigate any transfer issue until it has been resolved. We have gotten back to you in regards to this on Twitter.


I have the same experience my bank has confirmed revolut has the money and I cannot get a straight forward reply from Revolut. Can u advise if this has been resolved or with the financial ombudsmen which is my next step


I am updating the Reddit thread. Please check over there.
They asked me for a new report MT103. Apparently their twitter support is much more responsible and accurate than the support in the app.


I am sorted and happily so…my advice get a bank trace if relevant asap if u have issues