I activated Premium by mistake! How can I cancel it? Please help, in app support doesn't really work!

Hello there! I activated the Premium future by mistake (very easy to do so) and can’t find were to cancel it. I want to cancel it and order the normal card, not premium! Please help!

Use in app support chat …
Go to more then help and last bit chat to us

Type in chat : live agent and someone will be with you…
Tough waiting times vary…
Explain your problem and support team will cancel it for you.
Have you ordered premium card already ?
Some fees might be involved to cancel .

I tried that, but Chat is offline since yesterday! I can type but can’t send the messages. This is pretty upsetting for a mobile banking app!

What do you mean by offline? Did you type “live agent”?

Yes. Nothing happens! I type but cannot send! wtf

Can you post a screenshot?

And if you hit the return/enter button? Have you checked if you have the latest version of Revolut installed?

Cannot press the button, is deactivated! Yes, I have the latest version!

Not the send button, the enter button.

Enter button jumps to the next row :slight_smile:

Man, I get really pissed! Are there no admins here?

Alright, that seems to be an issue with that Android setup then. I’d try it with a another device if you have one handy.

Now i have to change my phone, lol. Is there no other way to open a suport ticket?

Hey @Vectordoom :slight_smile:

Try to completely close the app and open it again. See if the chat (which is open 24/7) shows online this time. If it doesn’t, try reinstalling. If it still doesn’t, please contact :r: through Twitter:

I’ve sent them a message on twitter and now restarted my phone to see if it works. Thanks!

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Hope that works :wink:
Keep in mind that as long you’ve informed :r: of your wish to cancel within the established period, according to the TOS, you’ll be fine

Still offline!

Hey @Vectordoom :slight_smile:

Must be a technical glitch. Could you try over 3G/4G and fully exiting/accessing the app?
Else, as mentioned, try over Twitter :wink:

Try to hide the onscreen keyboard with your Android-“back”-button first.
This should reveal the “send” button in the App.

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