*** HURRY UP *** Get a free contactless standard card PLUS free delivery


As a new customer, recently I received an invitation to get a free contactless :r: standard card (nothing special in this but) PLUS free delivery. I thought wow :crazy_face: they really want to keep new customers happy. I immediately applied for it but could not get it. So I asked the online support twice why, and they say sorry that special offer is gone. WHAT?? In less than 1 hour…?? Yes!

But then afterwards I realized the :r: online support were wrong. I could not get the standard card with free delivery only because the address of delivery was different from my actual location. So I just had to change the address of delivery and I could get it, but when I realized that, it was too late and I missed that special offer.

Anyway, it’s not the first time the :r: online support has not been professional with me.
Is it always like that at :r:?? I am asking old experienced customers.

First class job from support!

Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback @KIMW.

Please let us apologise about this, definitely not the kind of service we strive to provide.

The least we can do to rectify this is to offer you a free card with standard delivery. Please go Card section and order a physical card with standard delivery and let me know to refund you the cost.


Andreas K.



Great. Thank you. I did order the card.
Something else.
I thought the first virtual card was free but I try to get one and I am asked to pay for it. Why?


Virtual card isn’t free. You pay for every card slot, both for plastic and virtual. The FAQ lists this fee under the Spare Card section.


To clarify:

1st card: free
2nd card: spare card fee

(Doesn’t matter if physical or virtual. + shipping cost if applicable.)


We’ve refunded you the cost of your first physical card.

Free card is only the first virtual card (when you do not have any other cards)!



Then you start a chat with someone from support, check how many days they are working. Would you expect a professionalism if you see some hipster is working for 2, 10, 20 or 45 days?


Thank you very much.

Very clear. thanks.


My pleasure :slight_smile: Enjoy Revolut!


I applied for this free offer, never got the card either, dont think I was rejected.


As a “long time” user of Revolut, I really think that we should have the possibility to order a virtual card without costs…