Humble Bundle & Paypal


Hello guys,

First, I’m sorry about my poor english cause it’s not my native language.

I try from few days to pay on the website Humble Bundle the Humble Monthly but I can’t.

The website write this : Payment Failed
Your card was declined.

So I’ve got another idea, i was thinking my paypal. So I linked my virtual card to my paypal account and it’s work. I return on Humble Bundle & I try to pay with my paypal account but when I pick paypal i can’t choose my card and i don’t know why.

After that’s, today I’ve try to buy something on Steam with my card & with my Paypal & I’ve got no problem. I retry to pay on Humble Bundle & isn’t working so if someone can try to use is card on Humble Bundle (if you are a gamer you can like this) or can try to explain why I cannot pay with my virtual card on the website.

Thanks for reading my post & sorry again about my english :smiley:


EDIT : I just saw I can add my bank account with paypal on Humble Bundle but still not my Revolut & my virtual card.


Hey @KaiZen :slight_smile:

Humble Bundle recognizes they have problems getting their payment processor to accept prepaid cards and are offering some troubleshooting:

Regarding the PayPal issue, that’s on their side and you’d have to contact them regarding that matter :wink:


Hello @Juliopp Thanks to you’r answer :slight_smile:
I doesn’t know the virtual card (maybe the real card) was considered like prepaid card cause I read that :

Verify that you have a valid payment source linked to your PayPal account (credit/debit card, or a direct link to a checking account)

If you have a prepaid card linked, then this will affect your ability to purchase the Monthly subscription. We would advise using a different payment method. (Please see this support article for further details about paying for a monthly)

So if the virtual card is like a prepaid you help me to resolve my problem so thank’s you very much :smile:


Both Revolut cards (virtual and plastic; sadly even the premium one) are PrePaid and not even Debit Cards…


Hey @Iskender :slight_smile:

I couldn’t help but realize how increasingly disappointed with :r: you have become :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wait, it didn;t even arrived yet :))
Ordered on 10, had to be posted yesterday and expected to arrive on monday. On tuesday I’m flying… and is not even posted…

Well, is ok…as long as you don’t want to use it for serious things