Huge fee for failed bank transfer


I have been charged 45$ for a 210$ FAILED bank transaction.
Yes, bank transfers are free in Revolut, unless the transaction fails.

And that’s absolutely ridiculous. Support says their payment processor declined the transaction because of 1 of 3 possible reasons:

  1. Wrong account number
  2. Closed account
  3. Wrong account holder name

I’m sure that all this data was correct, and moreover, I don’t care what happens between Revolut and partners. If transaction fails, I just want all my money back, not 80%.


Well, seems like there’s nothing can be done. Probably it was a fault of the receiver bank


Whoa… Who charged the fee?
Bank transfers in Revoulut work well. I know. I do it. So its not always the “messenger” to “shoot”!


A message from Currencycloud I received from support says it might have been the correspondent bank which debited their processing fees.


Hello there @Dimezis :slight_smile:

Actually, destination bank might charge for wrongly addressed transfers and no bank will absorb thks charge because, as you see, it is extremely disproportionate :frowning:

I would ask :r: to negotiate this with TCC and see if they can get to an agreement :wink: