Huge ATM withdraw charges on Revolut


I opened my Revolut account last week and had a card sent out. Was told to activate my card in an ATM so did so in my local ATM (Dublin)

Withdrew €200 and after confirming the amount, I quickly skipped past the next step which is usually where it asks for a receipt - I pressed the same button that would usually be ‘NO’. Unfortunately what I actually agreed to was a currency conversion fee, despite my Revolut account being in Euros, and the cash withdrawal being in Euros. Sterling should not even be an option…

I checked my Revolut App to find I had been charged an additional €29 as a currency fee, working out at 13%. After (finally) getting in touch with Revolut support, they continually pushed the blame on to the ATM provider, while finally admitting the reason there was even a Sterling conversion option was due to Revolut being based in London, and therefore viewed as a ‘foreign’ account despite being in Euros.

If this is a problem non-UK users are likely to experience, it would probably be a good idea to have this is large red wording on the app until Revolut fix the issue and ensure Euro accounts are treated the same as Euro bank accounts. What’s to say the next ATM provider will stop at 13%? A feee for converting Euro to Euro…

Perhaps getting these banking basics correct first should take priority over shouting about your new ‘Unicorn’ status… unlikely I’ll be using Revolut again


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Agreed, I accidentally accepted a currency conversion fee on a Euro to Euro transaction. This raises the obvious question as to WHY this was even an option.

I have bank cards in Euro, Sterling, CAD and AUS - I have never been charged when withdrawing in the same currency as the account. Revolut need to be clearer that local ATM’s may charge hefty additional fees on Revolut withdrawals, and for new non-UK customers to be cautious of hidden currency conversion fees despite no conversion taking place.

Obvious to some, however I highly doubt I am the only one that will get hit with this, and 13% is a steep price to pay for clicking the wrong choice on a currency conversion that should not apply


The Irish ATM does not have information about the currency of your account, but according to BIN identifies the UK as the country of issue of the card and therefore assumes the GBP currency. Welcome to the DCC world.


That is the point, it was no such transaction. You withdrew euros with a UK issued card and the ATM provider “generously” offered to charge you in sterling at their inflated rate.

Something similar happened to me recently, but not because I didnt know about it, but rather because the waiter was overly eager and chose on my “behalf” an unwanted currency conversion. However it is not Revolut who is to blame.


Thanks for the feedback folks.

I accept my part in this, although I will be chasing up with the Irish ATM provider and payment provider, looks to be ‘EVO Payments’

My point is not to moan about a mistake, this is a feedback thread. If Revolut want to continue to grow and live up to their ‘Beyond Banking’ name, surely the should male customers aware (repeatedly) of the potential to be stung with these charges? I’m sure it’s tucked away somewhere in the T&C’s but it would be a simple thing to make non-UK customers aware of this.

Easiest way to not retain customers is to make Revolut more costly than regular banking, as it has been for me to date with a €6 charge for my initial card and now a €30 withdrawal fee. Withdrawing cash should be idiot-proof…


Considering that you were apparently charged a total of EUR 229 for that transaction, I’d assume about EUR 4.5 is the 2% for exceeding EUR 200, meaning you were charged EUR 224.5 or GBP 197.90 for that transaction.

Based on these numbers it seems the ATM’s EUR/GBP exchange is about 0.9895, when the current one (dont know when you withdrew however) rather is 0.881602. That would be a juicy 12% markup.


Revolut warns you about this everywhere. Even on the letter with which you got the card. Sorry, but Revolut can’t be blamed here; you need to select not get a currency conversion at the ATM. You also need to make sure not to get a currency conversion in shops where you’re sometimes asked as well. I do realize it’s a modern form of robbery (a shop terminal wanted to make me pay 7% a few days ago by ‘offering’ me a nice conversion for my purchase), but it’s not Revolut’s fault.


It was an option because the credit card companies / terminal providers / ATM operators have thought of an additional means of stealing the money of customers by offering an absurd rate for conversion to the card’s ‘home currency’.

I have an ATM here near me which tries to trick me into currency conversion by claiming to offer a “fixed rate”, so I have to select the dangerous-sounding button “continue without fixed rate”; dickheads.