Huge amount of money missing! Revolut support an abomination!


I transferred over $11,000 usd into an account which never arrived. As usual I’ve been trying to speak to revolut for hours. I’ve tried using the online chat, Facebook page posts, Facebook private message and now this. At the very very least we should be given a wait time, like I’ve said before, travellers don’t often have wifi so they end up waiting indefinitely in a wifi zone hoping someone will get back to them. The lack of a telephone service is ridiculous, if you want to revolutionize banking, a working support system is essential. This is such a huge problem I can’t now happily recommend revolut and I think many others would agree that if they want to do serious banking with your service you need to radically improve. Needless to say I won’t be using revolut for large transactions any more and I am still waiting for someone’s to help me find the money that’s already lost.



Money can never be lost, it can just bounce back to your original account. How did you transfer money to your Revolut account? Was it from the credit card or bank account in your name?
Revolut only allows transfer from cards and accounts of which you are the owner (unless you’re a UK resident with a personal GBP account and that the transfer was a domestic one sent in GBP).


I sent usd to a usd account from my revolut account which has neither bounced back nor arrived. It’s been 10 days. The usd account I sent to was not my own.


You can reach support faster on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:


I see. Unless you sent the money to a USD account in the US, it should have come already. Note that transfers to the accounts in the US are not yet supported.