HUF top-up with card payment


Annak viszont ugyanúgy van díja, nem?


Megy a pöcsölés a revnél.
Kedvencem az volt amikor 2018 July 1-re hatalmas announcement-et igertek amit azota se jelentettek be.
Ui:hamarosan jön a 6.0
Ott lehet apple pay es huf top up


+1 vote for HUF top-up


I am also supporting this idea


Is there any news on this feature?


version 5.10 (android) … no HUF top-up with card payment :frowning:


When I read such topics I can’t unlearn the stories about internet services versus the Hungarian banking system; like SEPA transfers [which should be free] costing money, like chargebacks taking months instead of hours, like the monetary environment changing faster than the weather. From time to time I hear services stopping to serve Hungary due to unrealiable national system of banking or postal service, or the lack of general protection of business.

I would very much like to see hu top-ups but I can imagine the pain which required to make it so. I doubt it’s a few lines of code in an android app, as some here around appear to think.

My 2 'cents.


This is way too accurate… My only reason for using my OTP Bank Hungary card is because I’m still under 24, and that way it’s completely free to use, except “regular” fees like SEPA, Text alert, ATM withdrawal over 500EUR… Hopefully Revolut implements Hungarian IBANs soon enough, that I can switch over to them within 3 years. :slight_smile:
One extra key feature which is holding me “hostage” is the overdraft feature because we all know, shit can happen, and it’s good to have extra funds “available”, without having an actual credit card…


I don’t think that SEPA transfers should be free of charge. There are much less EUR SEPA transfers in Hungary than domestic HUF transfers, which is reasonable, since the national currency is HUF. So less SEPA transactions should cover the large fix costs of the banks, that results in larger SEPA transfer fees.
Besides this, I absolutely agree on the economic/monetary/political uncertainity here, it’s more risky to do business in Hungary than in other CEE countries. I don’t think that HUF topup would be a huge technical issue to implement, the real things are maybe the regulatory chaos and the risks :frowning:


Revolut Well i think they need to unlock my account first and get someone talking to me on the chat app asap like now because its stopping me from accessing my funds so please hurry i need this done today asap


How does this relate to HUF top-up please?


+1 vote for HUF top-up


Adding HUF top-up would be a game changer in Hungary! :+1:


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So many friends ask me about Revolut, whom I tell the great experience I have, but can’t recommend them to join, since without the hug topup it does not make much sense! Too bad


We all hope HUF will be supported soon :wink:


Maybe weeks, or next month, or possibly this year may come the HUF top-up.

Or maybe whenever. Or possibly not.
This is a fun ride, ain’t it?


it is more like a fail ride…


+1 here
cant wait to have HUF support


As turns out :switzerland: Swiss and :czech_republic: Czechs have already own currency top-up with comparable or with fewer users. So, I strongly believe there are legal issues with HUF top-up and not technical difficulties, since it’s already in Beta since April.

Probably, :r: doesn’t wanna f@ck around with Hungarian bureaucracy, e.g. transaction duty (?) OR they are just blocked by the regulator, because if they can enter :hungary: why would you use an oligarch’s antique bank’s account for daily banking?! If, this is the case, than we can forget HUF top-up :disappointed_relieved: