HUF top-up with card payment


+1 vote for HUF currency top up!


+1 vote for HUF currency top up!


HUF top up please. I wanna forget my hungarian bank account and use only Revoult
Now i waiting to my Revoult card to use this only in the future
And i know it is a startup but really do not affraid i loose my money
Do you think hungarian banks are safer because there is the OBA (orszagos betetbiztositasi alap) and because they say they safer? I really do not

So HUF top up and HUF transfer without extra fees are necessary for 100.000 hungarian user


Use OTPs simple app for free HUF topup.65k HUF can be transferred to your account per month without any fee.


Can you tell us how to do it? free transfer to an UK Revolut account?


Hi Mataiand,

I will be shifting to Budapest in two months. How did you get a Hungarian Bank account with Transferwise? In my Transferwise Borderless account, there isn’t any option to activate the HUF currency with bank details like IBAN and BIC for HUF currency.

Revolut for now just provide a European and an UK bank account numbers. Transferwise also gives us a USA bank account number which is really great. Let me know about HUF.


Hello harshk,

mataiand didn’t talk about a personal account. TransferWise has a local/Hungarian pooled bank account where we can wire money for free or cheap from other Hungarian bank accounts. And we’d like to have a similar solution for Revolut too.
So, unfortunately, you can’t have a Hungarian bank account, either with TransferWise or with Revolut.


Revolutot lehet feltölteni?


+1 vote for HUF topup!


+1 for HUF card top-up


You simply add yout revolut card to your simple account where you already added your HUF debit card, then you top up yout simple account from your HUF debit card, when you see the balance on your simple card, you transfer back the amount, but not to your HUF debit card, but to your revolut card.
At first it showed me that transfering back costs 1%, but no fee was added to my transfers and all transferred amount was added to the revolut account in a few business days.
So at the moment this is the only free way to top up your revolut card in HUF for free that I know of.


Thank you! You’re a genius :slight_smile:
I tried it, hopefully it will arrive in a couple of days.

The Simple webpage says:

Simple kártyához kapcsolódó díjak: a Simple kártya egyenleg vezetéséhez, elszámolásához, zárásához és feltöltéséhez kapcsolódó díjak akciósan elengedésre kerülnek, melyet a Bank visszavonásig, de legkésőbb 2019.02.28-ig biztosít.


I did it two times, took around 2-3 workdays.
Glad I could help :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, this is only possible if you have an android device, right?
Atleast I wasn’t able to execute this on my iPhone.


Ha végre megkapják a bank licencet (100 000€) és lesz kártyás huf top up akkor hibátlan szolgáltatás lesz.
Magyar ibanról szerintem ne álmodjunk egy darabig.


Plusz ha rendes bank lesz akkor eltörölhetnék a 15000€ limitet.
Valaki csinált már lift limit-et?


I did it on my Android device but OTP’s Simple app is available both on android and ios as far as I know.


Yes, it’s Android only because it needs NFC access and there is no such thing in iOS.


Limit emelés: bekuldtem 3 havi berpapirt es bankszamla kivanotot, feltoltak 60kra.


+1 vote, please make it happen