HUF top-up with card payment


I seem to be missing something here…what is the problem topping up your card by Hungarian debit card? If you do is as a card payment (and not bank transfer)…it is like just a purchase…Possibly, not the best “medium conversion rate” what your bank is applying…but even then…you needn’t top up so frequently anyway. Or is it that bad?


You can’t top-up with debit or credit card, only with international bank transfer.


Leven2e means you can top-up in EUR, then convert to HUF.

But it isn’t enough for us, because Revolut’s main purpose to spare the bank-cost and exchange loss. So if we can’t benefit from the good exchange-rates, we do not really need Revolut (maybe only if you are frequent traveler, and like to use ATM a lot :slight_smile: ).


It would be better if we can top-up in HUF.
I wanted to use my Revolut on Croatia this summer, but I think I have to forget that and use my HUF based card. Luckily I have 2 free ATM use/month option within the ERSTE ATM network.


Hi, what is the point of converting your money to HUF? Nothing. If you Wanna Pay in HUF,Just use your Hungarian card… ! since it is an instant payment…it is on your Revolut account straight away. just like ina shop.Screenshot_20180618-110223|281x500


I am using Revolut to bank transfer too. (to pay some utility-bills, and give allowance for my kids etc.)
You can avoid the transfer-tax with it. So I need HUF on my Revolut account.


Yeah, but the same applies to Revolut too. What are the benefits of topping-up and paying 100 EUR with my Revolut card instead of paying 100 EUR directly with my Hungarian card?


You can use ATM for free with Revolut, and not with any hungarian bank.


better exchange rate, I suppose


no, the exchange rate (until card based HUF top-up) is same, because you use your original card-issuer’s exchange rate


+1 for top-up from HUF based cards


That’s not entirely true. My bank (CIB) has a card which I can use for free ATM withdrawals in 11 countries. Though it’s only for their parent bank’s ATMs, but for example it works great in Croatia. Beside that, last year they had a promotion from 07.01. to 12.31. when it was free to use any ATM everywhere abroad. I hope they will do it again this year. And there wasn’t and isn’t any limit in these cases.


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+1 for HUF top-up via an Hungarian card or to an Hungarian IBAN


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+1 vote for HUF currency top up!