HUF top-up with card payment


I tried on Android, but there’s only 5.0 version without HUF top-up option.


What is the proper way to contact @AndreasK to take part in beta? I couldn’t find a way to contact him directly.


It is available on the 5.1 beta, but you can only top up HUF to the HUF account with bank transfers, you can’t top up with a debit card, which is quite sad.


It is a very disappointing news. :frowning: Top up with HUF based debit card to the € account is cheaper than a HUF transfer to a Revolut HUF account due to high bank charges…


I can’t believe what you guys are saying.
This means If your country’s currency is not EUR, GBP or USD you can’t possibly have any advantage over the local bank. Even If we get payed in HUF directly to Revolut account, because the Revolut base account currency is EUR?

Than Revolut is totally pointless for me :confused:

We will have 5 sec transfers next year and open banking API. Seems big guys catching up quickly.

And Premium is not an option for 2500 HUF. I had never been charged by my bank monthly for 2500 HUF and I still have travel insurance included my yearly fee.


This is the account list, not the top-up list


Nope, that is clearly the top up page. Just not working yet.


It’s working on iOS, but not what we wanted. :disappointed: Instead of card top-up it’s a pooled HUF account for SWIFT transfers.


This is absolutely not the update I’ve waited for. Without the possibility to top-up HUF with a debit or credit card the fees are just too high. These fees still make Revolut unusable for those who use HUF as the base currency.
So the question remains the same: when will we able to top-up in HUF with card payment?


Good question we wait for it for ages.


bad news… :cry::cry::cry::cry: We waited HUF top up with credit card… :scream::scream::scream:


This idea matches with the idea “Currency independent local IBAN accounts”.

IBAN HU xxx xxx… would solve this problem.


If you can transfer money without any fees, it would. However I don’t think this is the case for the majority of hungarian bank accounts. Top-up by card has zero cost.


If it is a Hungarian IBAN, as szalmaz suggested, the costs are minimal.


But thats not free, and if you top-up now with card in EUR, and exchange it to HUF in the app, you are near the same costs.
So card-topup will the only option what worth to wait.


You need to pay transaction fee if you make a domestic transfer in Hungary. It is not that high (0,3%), but if you can top-up by card, you can eliminate this cost.
Most banks charge a minimum fee for transfers, card payments has no costs. But this can only be a relevant thing if you’d like to send small amount of money to your revolut account.

So I think most of us would be happy with the hungarian IBAN as well :slight_smile:


A HUN IBAN will be a huge leap.


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+1 vote for HUF top-up