HUF top-up with card payment


I guess meanwhile :r: solves this for us, the most viable option could be topping up TransferWise with debit card, and sending that in EUR to your :r: card. You can top up like 100.000 HUF for 1000FT fee basically. Which is still better I think, than instantly charging your debit card with EUR.
You can use for your first transfer to make it free.
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+1 vote for implementing top-up in Hungarian Forint


Supposedly a Hungarian regional representative has already been assigned and probably till the middle of April the local HUF IBAN will arrive maybe with the HUF top-up with card function too. Check out this blog:


This will be good for every hungarian people. I like the idea.


Yes, without HUF top up, we lose money when our bank converts to EUR for example. I have two cards, one says it’s no fee to top up (it is not true because of this conversion, even though it’s not Revolut who makes us pay), the other has some extra fees over conversion.

So, basically, if we get HUF top up we can easily use the card without much extra fee compared to a HUF card. Not until then.


HUF top-up was promised by Andrius Biceika with a mid-April deadline. Any update on this?


If having local HUF IBAN means I can have my salary paid directly in HUF to my Revolut account and the Revolut monthly account statements are accepted here, that means I will completely forget the current bank account and I can certainly recommend to others at home.

I used the Revolut card for over a month on a daily basis. It worked just fine except for one case.


I don’t want to ruin the party just don’t forget that Revolut is a startup and we all know support is very very bad so your account can be locked even for weeks and they don’t have a banking license yet which means your money is not protected, in case they go bankrupt your money could be lost (even though they keep it on segregated accounts as they say). I personally wouldn’t keep too much money on it and use as a solely account of mine.


+1 vote for HUF topup


+1 for HUF for top-up


+1 vote for HUF topup

  • 1 vote Huf top-up with card payment.
    It was promised middle of April 2018.


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+1 for the HUF topup!


Maybe @AndreasK has more info on this? :slight_smile:


+1 vote for HUF topup!!!


+1 vote for HUF topup!!!


+1 vote for HUF topup


+1 vote for HUF topup!!!


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