HUF top-up with card payment


What was the settings when u released the transfer?
teljesítés devizaneme?
összeg devizaneme?


Both HUF. That was the point, to transfer without any conversion.


in this case the referred cost is not a conversation fee.


i found the right answer…

A Lakossági Bankszámla és Betéti Kamat Hirdetmény 2.2.2. pontja tartalmazza ennek a megbízásnak a díját:

„Deviza átutalás - bankon kívül (konverzióval vagy konverzió nélkül):

  • Netbankon keresztül: 0,110% (min. 1.827Ft, max. 65.609 Ft vagy min. 16,51 €, max. 328,05 €) + (0,3% max 6.000 Ft)”
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I also tried to topup using curve and a HUF debit card from Erste. A set up my curve card to pull HUF from the Erste debit card and tried to topup my Revolut with the curve card so curve made the Currency exchange. Tried to send 10GBP which was 3696 in HUF when checking on Google on the same day, curve indicated to send GBP instead of EUR as recognized curve card as a UK card with GBP currency, so I sent 10GBP. On my Erste transaction history I saw 3714 HUF at the transaction as total amount, curve showed 3713.75 HUF on the same. So basicly curve made the exchange and for ~0.4% fee and I could use my Erste HUF debit card for the transaction. Curve is also free just like Revolut, with no monthly and no card fee.
Anyone knows a cheaper solution at the moment, I’m interested.


For those interested in obtaining a Curve card to help fund their Revolut account the “blue” debit card is free. They have other tiers which require a one-off payment or a subscription, but which offer value-added services. The “blue” tier provides up to £500 (or GBP equivalent) of foreign currency card use per month free using your existing credit or debit cards as a funding source.

If interested sign up using the following link and we’ll both get £5 when you make your first transaction. If asked to enter a code, use LRPRM

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I made my first “Simple” transaction in special :smiley: way (return money to the Revolut card) and yes It works perfectly. I got an extra 500 HUF and this trick was nowdays: 2019.03.18. - I mean after 2019 february 1.


Revolut will not implement this feature because they will not earn money if we do this :sleepy:
But the Apple Card is coming…


Nem iPhone függő, hanem pénznem. HUF-al nem fog menni. Évek telnek el HUF top-up nélkül.

It’s not iPhone realted. It is currency based. Years are gone without HUF top-ups.


What’s the difference to other currencies where they have already implemented local fee free top up options via local transfer + card payments (CHF)? Why would they not consider doing it for HUF as well?


Local regulations, taxes, our government and banking system. Sadly…


Revolut can operate if they have revenue. And the free top-up is a big loss for them…
But Apple Card and ApplePay is coming :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, of course, but why would the situation be different for HUF compared to other currencies they already support?


The richer country members probably has Premium, Metal and Business Revolut accounts.


keyword: transaction fee, this 3rd world tax
kulcsszó: tranzakciós adó, ez a harmadik világbeli adó


sound cool

so there were no costs of returning the money from the simple account to Revolut?


Nothing. But I think, that’s because it was my first time. Like the GIFT 500 FUH. But the transaction took 2-3 workdays.


Szia Laci!
Do you have proper information aboute applepay?


There is currently no transaction fee for transferring money back to Revolut card from Simple card. But according to the new ‘Terms and conditions’ there will be a 1% (min. 211 HUF) fee from 1st April.

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Sorry, my english is too weak, but I think here is the most people are hungarian :smiley:
Szóval Revolut Metal kárttyám van, de ez szerintem lényegtelen. Rengetegszer jártam úgy, hogy topup-oltam pl. 50 EUR az Erste kártyámról:

Ami mint látható, 15.776 HUF volt

Majd az 50 EUR-t a Revolut-on HUF-ra váltottam:

15.831 HUF lett. Szóval a TopUp nekem kb 2-ből egyszer ilyen, más esetben meg minimális bukta csak. De durva, hogy konkrétan azonnali váltásnál 50 EUR esetén nyertem 55 HUF lóvét.