HUF top-up with card payment


HUF top-up it’s still waited for more than 1 year… Asked Customer Support about an approx date but still the same “political” answer “Our team is working…bla bla”…
It’s very important for the HU users!

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try it via TransferWise. You top up your transferwise card with your hungarian debit / bank card or simply do a HUF wire transfer in HUF of course and do the currency exchange on transferwise to eur or topup your revolut from the transferwise card and it does the exchange for you. It is not free, has a minimal fee, but much cheaper than your bank would exchange your money to any other currency.
This is the least expensive way of topping up your revolut that I am aware of.

Anyone knows a cheaper solution, pls let us know!



moricka, you are absolutely right!



Did you compare Curve(debit/credit)->Revolut topup with Debit/credit-> TW -> Revolut conversion?
Still better to choose the second option? :slight_smile: Thanks



Curve does not help here becasue you have to define an another card which Curve charges. So if you topup R with EUR using Curve and the defined card is a HUF based card then you still have to pay a lot for buying EUR from your bank.

So currently bank transfer to TW then R topup using TW for about 0.4% is the best option.

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HUF topup in the next three years! It’s something.



Absolutely not true. The point of Curve is to convert EUR to HUF on a reasonable rate and deduct the amount in HUF from your HUF based credit/debit card. Curve has a quite good conversion rate, a bit worse than Revolut. But it might be cheaper then to toput TW and then transfer to Revolut



I have a Curve card as well, but could not add my hungarian debit card within the Curve app. I could add R and TW cards without any problem, but not my Erste or Budapest Bank card (Visa/MC embossed).

Also could you pls advise the exchange rate or fee of exchange on Curve? Is there any official info regarding or only that it is “reasonable”?

I’m interested!



Curve uses the interbank rate or mid-market rate which is mostly better than the banks’ exchange rate. Especially for me with Erste Bank and Mastercard credit card. Curve also passes the MCC to the bank, that means credit card cash return works, as well.

I had some problems adding my Erste VISA card, as well. I have contacted both Erste’s and Curve’s support to solve the problem. The problem in a nutshell was: Curve charged the added card after adding it to the application, however the transaction was not displayed in my bank statement to check the 6digit verification code. Now it seems to be solved with the help of Curve support, they charged again the card and I will be able to enter the verification code in the app.

I am about to make a test comparing the topup methods… :slight_smile:

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Don’t withdraw cash using your Curve!



Not at all. The cash return refers to credit cards with promotional return (e.g WizzAir by ERSTE). You can still earn points / cash return, as Curve passes the MCC code to your bank :slight_smile:

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You mean cashback :sweat_smile:



I have just made two test - before and after the weekend. The final amount drawn from my Raifeissen account was almost the same when topping up with 200€ if I used my curve card - raifeissen card and using my raifeissen card on its own.



200 Euros = 63 115.0738 Hungarian forints

mai közép-árfolyamon.
Nálad mennyi volt az utalásnál a vége Ft-ban?



Quotes from AndreasK in the HRK Account topic: “HUF & HRK will be added soon. The team is working on the final touches. We’re talking about base currency. Topping up with bank cards.” It looks like promising.

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I still think Revolut is a long way aways from becoming the bank people would take everywhere though.

Imagine as an expat that you’re living in Switzerland but can’t get a GBP account even though you’re a GB citizen, it just doesn’t work.

How would you send money home? You’d need both. Revolut needs to really focus on giving their local account access, not pooled accounts but individual accounts, to everyone.

Right now local PLN and NOK are available to residents but I don’t think they’re coming to UK residents for example, even though Revolut on Twitter said the plan was to do so.

They also said they planned to launch local SGD and JPY local accounts for people when they launched there, but I don’t see that happening either.

@AndreasK could you reply to this post in particular please, and my DM if you’re available :thinking:



No, I was wrong - just did another test this morning. And using Curve was about 100 huf cheaper



HUF popup by bank transfer - test:

So I have a HUF account at OTP Bank. I opened internet banking, and clicked on “foreign transfer”- I selected NON SEPA, regular transfer, in which case OTP allows selecting HUF as the currency. (In case of SEPA, you can only select EUR.)

So I selected HUF and sent HUF 10,000 to my Revolut GB IBAN. 3 working days later, the HUF 10,000 appeared in my Revolut HUF account.

In my OTP Bank account history, I see the HUF 10,000 debit item + a HUF 15 (fifteen) transfer fee. It’s really low.



Hmmm I tried the same thing with Erste Bank. I made a deviza transfer (I did not found anything like foreign transfer). Went through the process and sent 20.000 HUF to my revolut. The fee for it in my case was 1880 HUF (ELSZÁMOLÁSFORGALMI JUTALÉK). Most probably I was using the wrong method.



I have tried as well: Never ever transfer from Gránit Bank!
10.000 HUF costs 3000HUF to transfer (Nemzetközi deviza átutalás díja terhelés)