HUF top-up with card payment

They keep promising full HUF support for over a year ago. No step forward since then. Unfortunately they are focusing on more speculative crypto bullsh*t things rather than real usage. I have HUF income but travel a lot. Most of the time I have better options than using revolut, even abroad. At home there is no point at all of using revolut.


The fact that this is not feasible does not mean that they are not working on it (law, finance). It’s not just about developers.

Although it would be nice to have some info.

@anon33247966 some news?

+1 vote for HUF topup


+1 vote for HUF top-up

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+1 vote for HUF currency top up!

Congrats guys! HUF has been added to the list of available currencies in the last beta update. :slight_smile:


Hi, where did you get the screenshot? From account screen or from top-up?
We are waiting for HUF top-up! Currency has been already available to hold.

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That screenshot is from the top-up screen because at the Account Manager the title is ‘Add account’. Anyway it seems that not only HUF but ILS & MAD are also on their way.

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The image above is from the Top-up screen.


Great! Thank you for the confirmation! :wink:

how did you get into the beta program?:slight_smile:

@zwt @streng guys I am afraid you need to ask @anon33247966 for the participation in the beta program.

That’s really great news! Thanks Dreamture for the confirmation from :hungary:

And thanks for mataiand who started this thread back in January :wink:
It’s been a long time.

This could mean it will be in the next release or in the one after. Anyway it’s a happy day :grinning:

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I hope it will be soon.

HUF top-up is in the latest update finally, but it doesn’t work as expected. :frowning_face:

Revolut 5.1 iOS version with new top-up currencies is out now but when I tap any of them only their account page appears… Can anybody check the Android version?

own IBAN also arrived?

Nope, still the international SWIFT account is available.

I tried on Android, but there’s only 5.0 version without HUF top-up option.