HUF top-up with card payment


I have the simple app installed but never thought about getting a simple card. Can you describe the process you use to upload HUF to Revolut via a Simple card?

BTW: if I upload money to R via curve then my HUF card is carged with HUF, curve does the exchange and transfers the funds to R. Curve normally has a LOT better exchange rates than your bank itself. I was able to upload money to R with the loss of only 0.2%. At the same time once I have experienced a similar rate like reppag (about 2%) which was really annoying. The solution? I already had money on R, so I have used Curve’s time machine option and transferred the charge to my R card. As a result the money was transfered back to my HUF card and Curve charged R to add money to R. So at the end at least I did not lose any money. Have not tried curve since then, I can imagine that it works fine on small amounts.


That’s interesting that a bank named “Simple” started in Hungary!

Simple in the US is basically the first of the mobile first banks of the new generation. Founded in 2009, it is now part of BBVA. As far as I know, they were the first with push real time notifications for card payments. Something they developed with Visa.

I’d love if BBVA would bring Simple to Europe. It’s still gold standard in how budgeting / saving goals are implemented, and how it works together with their “safe to spend” feature. Also, the app design and corporate identity are really good.

  • Download the Simple app
  • Create new virtual Simple card
  • Add your basic debit card (OTP / FHB / etc.) to your account
  • Add your Revolut card to your account
  • Top up your virtual Simple card with your debit card (max 65k HUF/month/card)!
  • You can withdraw the money from virtual Simple card but AT THIS TIME TO REVOLUT CARD :wink:

Thanks God the bank always exchange the money for free and they send the money to my Revolut card with zero fee.

I can make these topup transactions several times with other Simple accounts (my Family).

But this withdraw takes ~2 days.



Thanks mate, I will try it.


There isn’t any monthly limit. 65k HUF is the limit of your balance on the virtual card. At least I used it so several times. I made the top up to virtual Simple card and made the withdraw to Revolut. After the 2 days waiting the money arrived and I was able to repeat the process immediately.
I don’t know if it changed recently, in the last months I used the Auchan credit card for top up Revolut, it is better and easier.


Simple now charges 1% but at least 200huf, so I guess we can forget this option.


Did you read it somewhere? Can you share link with the info?
Thanks in advance!


It’s displayed by the app itself when you want to withdraw money from your simple card.


Which bank charged you?

I have FHB/Takarék & Budapest Bank accounts and they still free for me.


Unfortunately there is! :confused:

After 65k HUF you will not be able to top up your Virtual Simple account again in the same month! I tried it several times but we really can not.
But you can do it anytime with other accounts (once in a month by each)!

If you can really do it, please share your tricks :wink:


I dont understand your question. If you want to withdraw money from Simple there is a 1% (at least 200 huf) charge. Nothing to do with banks, it simple (therefore OTP) itself.


I have never paid any fee for Simple.
-65k HUF on my FHB card, and +65k HUF on Revolut. It takes 2 days via Simple virtual card, but it is full free for me. 65.000 HUF = 65.000 HUF :smiley: NO ANY FEE!!!
I can’t describe it better & nicer. That’s why I’m talking and writing about it here on this Community page to Help you, Guys!

You may have OTP card+account and they are looking WTF happaning… but FHB don’t! :smiley:

Try my steps with other banks card:


Keep saying that is free and you have done it several times doesnt change the fact that if I try withdrawing money from my Simple card the app displays a message that withdrawal is 1% but at least 200Ft. So the withdrawal is NOT free anymore.

It has nothing to do with topping up Simple, thats free.

I hope you got it this time.


Message popped for me in the past as well, but no amount was charged until now. Will try again next month see if there is any change, as last year info was that it is free until February 2019,but as I remember they extended the time frame.
Pls someone correct me if I’m wrong.


At weekends don’t use Curve for topup because it is the same situation like Revolut, currency exchange costs more. Use Curve on weekdays.

And if you want to get 5 GBP for free, use my referrer code EKG4B2QN


As I said I did it several times. I loaded the 65k HUF to Simple virtual card, made the withdraw to Revolut card. I waited 2-3 days till it happens, and thereafter I was able to do it again. I did it 3-4 times in a row, so it was not because the months ended at that time. I have no tricks.

Maybe it is no more possible, I’m not using it any more, because the Auchan card converts HUF to EUR better than Revolut, so I use it to top up Revolut :slight_smile:

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Although the Simple app says 1% min 200Ft, OTP does not charge it. Currently.


Yes, as I see it was in 2018. But in 2019 it has been restricted, unfortunately.
If you need EUR, Auchan card can be a better choise.
But for HUF top up (Like this thred title :stuck_out_tongue: ) Simple is the best nowdasy cos’ it free, yet.


Yes, this changed recently, now you can only topup 65K once a month.


Yes, you must convert it back to HUF in Revolut after the Auchan top up. It is better than with Curve (therefor relevant in this thread :slight_smile: ).
If 65k is enough, Simple is free (?) and you need only HUF, it is better to use Simple. But in this case you can use your Hungarian card also, you don’t need Revolut :slight_smile: