HUF top-up with card payment


So many friends ask me about Revolut, whom I tell the great experience I have, but can’t recommend them to join, since without the hug topup it does not make much sense! Too bad


We all hope HUF will be supported soon :wink:


Maybe weeks, or next month, or possibly this year may come the HUF top-up.

Or maybe whenever. Or possibly not.
This is a fun ride, ain’t it?


it is more like a fail ride…


+1 here
cant wait to have HUF support


As turns out :switzerland: Swiss and :czech_republic: Czechs have already own currency top-up with comparable or with fewer users. So, I strongly believe there are legal issues with HUF top-up and not technical difficulties, since it’s already in Beta since April.

Probably, :r: doesn’t wanna f@ck around with Hungarian bureaucracy, e.g. transaction duty (?) OR they are just blocked by the regulator, because if they can enter :hungary: why would you use an oligarch’s antique bank’s account for daily banking?! If, this is the case, than we can forget HUF top-up :disappointed_relieved:


@stumpy indeed, that’s probably related to risk management. Tough is that they are possibly unable (or not allowed) to communicate that. :expressionless: So we can just hope that in the secret background :r: guys are working hard to get the administration :skull_and_crossbones: done . Still… all we can do it nag, while I am very well aware that it’s annoying. :frowning:


+1 vote for this feature!


Fingers crossed it wont’ be too long. Can’t wait to get await from the hungarian bank fees


FYI there already has been a discussion thread about HUF bank account top-up that’s half a year older than this thread:

(Not like there’s any more info there than here though)


There is a temporary solution for topping up HUF on weekdays with better conversion rate than your bank. For this you have to get a Curve card, a hungarian bank card & Revolut. In Curve app you have to set your hungarian card to be charged with HUF then set your Curve card into Revolut. In Revolut you have to top up with EUR/GBP thru Curve. Curve exchange EUR/GBP at near mid rate to HUF and charges your hungarian card with HUF. In Revolut you can convert back EUR/GBP to HUF at almost the same rate like Curve did. Using this method you can spare some forints.


Have you tried Transferwise Borderless?
Bank transfer to TW and then top up with the TW Mastercard.
As far as I can see it should work without conversions. Or is there another special reason?


its 310 huf. From TC in a November email:

A little while ago we let you know that we’d be adding a Ft310 fee to send money from your borderless account to another bank account. This is happening on 2nd December. Since it’s never nice to add a fee, we want to explain what it’s for.


Using TW you should be able to use the card to top up without fees (like people from Switzerland used it) and don’t have to use a bank transfer.

I just saw So topping up by card is not available?


Top-up using TW is NOT free. 2 weeks ago I had a fee of 400 HUF for top-up of 100.000 HUF. Check your TW transaction details for the exact fee.


There is a bit confusion:
You can’t top-up with card without conversion. If you want to use the TW borderless card to top-up Revolut, then you must convert your transferred HUF to EUR, then top-up the Revolut account.

In my experience the local bank -> transfer to TW -> convert to EUR -> top-up Revolut with TW card ->convert back to HUF was the best option. But now the Silco mentioned Curve is the best, it is almost as if Revolut would support HUF top-up.


Top-up with tw is available without conversion fees. There is a 310 huf transaction fee though when sending money from tw to revolut. Its not much but it is bad if you do small revolut topups often with tw, and maybe its even worse than the conversion fee you might get from your bank. (As that is % based)

I was mainly talking about eur > eur through tw. Huf from your bank to tw then converting it on tw (with a small fee) to eur then sending that euro to revolut (which will cost 310 huf)

Its a LOT worse than having revolut huf card payment topup. (Eur topup is not good as your bank will convert it to eur then send it to revolut)


Could you share the link or name the bank that offers this card please? I am wondering how could I get one and what does it cost?


I don’t know if I can advertise here concurrent fintech company so I’ll send you the details in private message.


Curve -
already ordered my blue card as well, sounds interesting. Could be the next method to top-up our Revolut cards really cheap with HUF debit / bank cards.