HUF top-up with card payment


I did it on my Android device but OTP’s Simple app is available both on android and ios as far as I know.


Yes, it’s Android only because it needs NFC access and there is no such thing in iOS.


Limit emelés: bekuldtem 3 havi berpapirt es bankszamla kivanotot, feltoltak 60kra.


+1 vote, please make it happen


The Simple trick works nicely. And it is free, in fact more than free: new custumers get a 500HUF bonus. All of my three topups arrived by the second workday. The monthly 65k is enough now for me, but not enough or moving all transactions there. At least we got something till next February when the free transactions end at Simple…


Please vote here and give a chance to HUF topup :slight_smile:


Where is huf top up???
Come on revolut


Sajna ájfonon nekem se ment


+1 otherwise it’s too expensive to use revolut as a Hungarian :frowning: please!


+1 on HUF top-up via debit/credit card.


Right now it only works to transfer money out of Hungary - as you can top-up an account in a different currency (I tested with Danish DKK) with a hungarian bankcard. This way I avoid the banking fees I’m normally being charged for sending money abroad, because now it’s just a card charge to the bank :slight_smile:
(I’m probably still being a higher exchange rate than Revolut offers, but at least I save the fees)


Szereztem androidos telefont, tehat megegyszer: hol adom hozza a revoultos kartyamat?


You need to create a virtual card in Simple( you can only do that on an NFC cabaple phone though) , top up the virtual card from your HUF card with up to 65k then get a refund back to the added revolut card.


I created a virtual Simple card on a non-NFC phone successfully.


Nevermind then, must be because of android :slight_smile:


+1 for HUF card top-up


+1 on HUF top-up
And thanks @moricka for the Simple trick :slight_smile:


Elkepeszto mennyit szarakodik a revolut.


Szavazzatok a forintra. Reméljük most már hamarosan tényleg eljön a várva várt újítás…

Vote for huf


Update : It’s now also possible to use the method of Simple HUF loading with an iPhone after creating a virtual card.

Immáron iPhoneon is lehet virtuális Simple kártyát kreálni és visszatölteni Revolutra. :slight_smile: