HUF top-up with card payment


Dear Revolut,
that’s a great progress, that now we Hungarians can top-up in HUF, but as it turned out to me only via SEPA payment, what leaves as still with a huge SEPA transfer fee.
Best solution would be to

  • either allow HUF top-up with card payment
  • or providing a Hungarian Bank Account, where we could wire money on low cost (FYI: TransferWise has this already)

Please add more currencies for card top-up
Top-up HUF by credit card

I fully support this idea and will only use the Revolut Business Card, when this feature is available.


I also support this idea, without this option the topping up is too expensive…


It would be nice to have this.


It is very important for local usage in Hungary!!!
It would be a great step forward for the Hungarians to useage in their own country! if used locally, in local currency, there would be more demand at home!


I think there is a reason that there are no such feature. They are not allowed to do so. This would get the the Hungarian banks so out of business… they would not be able to compete. It would be great if Revolut would share their point of view on this and maybe we could help in any way.


@rolandka I think that’s the point… To finally compete with this arbitrary system that charges for every unreal stupid thing and hiding behind the longest contracts ever. There are countries that do not allow the banks to mislead and exploit their customers by using the financial ignorance of people. This could be the “Uber” of banks, in a way (hopefully not banned)
Great idea btw, I’d also welcome to solve this matter.


it would be cool to have this feature, especially in the following two weeks when posting the physical card is free to Hungary.


I’ve ordered my 1st free physical card today but I created & uses my account for a while. I got a hungarian email too about this free card promotion that is running now so I guess something is preparing at the background. I hope HUF top-up with card is coming soon!


+1 on this!! Card top up in HUF is a must have feature if you are going to boom the Hungarian market.


Yes, it would be good for Hungarian users!
I hope it done soon.


+1 on HUF top-up via debit/credit card.


+1. It would be perfect.


So in Romania and in Poland it kills the banks? Or in the EUR zone - I can top up with my Austrian debit card… Actually think about it? From whose cards are the topup come from? From the banks‘…this is not the reason… its not a priority… this is the reason…


Soon you will be able to get a personalised IBAN, which means you will be able to get your salary on your Revolut card. Which means your bank account will have no place in the equation. :slight_smile:


Not soon. There is EUR personalized IBAN number!!! Great I love it! But You miss the point anyway…

But there is either HUF IBAN - i dont make hopes - or at least debit card top up like in PLN or RON - this means no HUF user can use Revolut economically… Who would use it if you lose immidiately 2-3% just at the topup…


Great idea, I hope Revolut will see that high demand and acting very soon!



HUF topup with card is a must in Hungary, because without this feature the great exchange rates of Revolut cannot be utilized.


HUF topup is a must have feature


+1 HUF topup by creditcard is musthave!!