HUF account opened but no top up?


I’ve downloaded the app, and am having the same issue that I can’t top up with my Hungarian bank card, and SWIFT wireless transfers are too costly.
Besides, my Hungarian bank doesn’t even seem to allow for wiring HUF through SEPA SWIFT, only EUR, so that’s way too much overhead.

I wonder if there’s any blog or something where I can watch for when support will come for topping up with a HUF bank card directly.



These are the currencies to top up with a card beside EUR USD and GBP…


It seems that something happens around HUF top up with bank card or I just simply caught a bug. In the latest 4.7.3 iOS app if I switch to HUF account and try to top up with bank card then the app says that I should enter at least 3500 HUF. I tried it with this amount but got an error message after entered cvv and clicked on continue.


I was so happy as well. BUT @revolut still does not accept HUF topup - you will get an error message from the app! Support also confirmed no top up in HUF. So all is this a programming mistake in the app. SAD…


I think I figured this out!
After a long chat with Revolut support, it turned out, that the ability to top-up in HUF doesn’t mean card payment (like in case of EUR). It only allows you to transfer HUF via SEPA, what didn’t make any sense to me.
Revolut support said, I should wire HUF via SEPA and then they credit the HUF amount on my Revolut HUF account.
This means, I still need to pay the SEPA wire fee, which I assume is pretty high.
So, this new option just doesn’t help me at all, I’ll still top-up money from my Erste Bank EUR account via card payment without any fee.
The perfect solution from Revolut would be either:

  • have the option to top-up in HUF via card payment,
  • or provide a hungarian account number, where hungarians can wire money on low cost.


turned out HUF top-up is only available via SEPA, not via card payment


As others mentioned here initially it was possible to top-up using a card denominated in HUF currency but this option has been removed since then. @AndreasK any ETA for making this available again?


any info, why was it removed?


It was never such a thing… we are waiting for this forever. Actually strange RON and PLN are there… I think in the UK live quite a lot Hungarians - sure much less than Poles but maybe they match Romanians in size… if this two currency possible why not HUF?


Szia András,

Nekem ugyanez felvetődött. Nem lehet forintban tölteni. Ez olyan “félmunka”. Nem tudom így mi értelme van. Azt hittem amúgy én nem csinálok valamit jól.


I heard HUF IBAN arrives this April(?)… let‘s see it!!


Hihni :wink: I would really be surprised.


My sister was @ Közgaz University in BP on a Revolut presentation where a Polish manager told it will come. Fingers crossed. Without free HUF is a useless service for HUF owners… Maybe EU changes now SEPA transfer fees from Hungary wud be a good solution as well…


Did he point approximated time?
Don’t want to kill the hope in you, but unfortunately many things in revolut are “coming soon” and then it lasts for months (years even)…


This April. Today is April 9th


He said mid-April:


It’s 19th now. :slight_smile: Unfortunately now news yet. :frowning:


I was told it’s not gonna happen in April :frowning:


By whom? Do You know an introduction date?