What about Switzerland?
Left aside one more time?

…“We currently offer trading to legal residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Gibraltar. The EEA includes: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

We are planning to launch in other countries around the world including the USA, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.“

I would appreciate to get more information on that topic.


Perhaps if Switzerland would just join the EEA instead of continuously negotiating everything in individual treaties, you might get similar treatment.

You can’t have all the benefits of an EEA member without the tag and the contributions and the legislation surrounding it.

Really getting tired of you Swiss pulling this - go start a petition to join the EEA and your country can vote on that in a referendum :slight_smile:

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Really getting tired of you Swiss pulling this - go start a petition to join the EEA and your country can vote on that in a referendum

Somewhat ironic to read such an suggestion in the forum of a british company … :stuck_out_tongue:


No it isn’t. In switzerland referenda are binding and they must be ran if X% of the population sign a petition.

Sounds a little bit like the UK and their Brexit negotiations, no? :wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Wow, what a reply, if you are so tired, just go and relax a bit. With Boris? :laughing:

I agree entirely :slight_smile: we botched it, well. Not we, the Conservatives.

Not a fan of the guy - I just think in an actual democracy like Switzerland you literally have the power to force your government into seeking an EEA membership.

Do you really expect Revolut to remove all the legal red tape required for a single country, when they can get nearly 30 countries in one swift cut with the knife?

It’s really not realistic when Switzerland isn’t even a supremely large economy like the US, yknow?

does anyone know how dividents will be paid?

Directly credited to your account. Just remember as they don’t have any tax break schemes

Well - as inhabitant of the EEC, you should know pretty well that every country who
a) had the vote (and not only elections) had to remove that vote BEFORE joyning (ask the austrians!)
b) is dictated by Brussel - if just member of the EEC or not. Ask Lichtenstein and Norway.

Hint: there’s a reason why the PEOPLE of these countries regret ever having VOTED to joyn the EEC. You know - people don’t love being dicated by some german chancelor…

As for the topic:
I’d just wish the European Union wouldn’t be so f…king antidemocratic! Why do we Swiss have to negotiate each field in seperate contracts? Because the EU doesn’t want to upgrade the freetrade-agreement anymore (otherwhise there’d be no need for CH to joyn, right?).
FURTHERMORE: the reason why negotiations between CH and EU are so hard:
the EU has a history of NOT keeping to the contracts, breaking them as means of pressure (eg. Erasmus, Schengen, Dublin (Italy and Germany are giving refugees money if they promise to travel to CH!), and more - newest example: “Börsenäquivalenz” (the thing about secure stock exchange; canceled, because the swiss federal counsil didn’t sign a contract that has WORSE conditions than the one offered to the UK for Brexit! Read: that the swiss federal council didn’t overturn the VOTE as Brussel dictated!). The EU does this not only with Switzerland - just look at what the Brits had to endure AFTER THE VOTE WAS MADE PUBLIC. Hint: EU started canceling contracts due to “Brexit” while the UK is still a member.

This lead to the simple fact, that:
a) we Swiss know VERY WELL what contracts we have (we vote yes or no to them, ya know)
b) SEE what the EU is doing with these contracts
c) thus know:

  1. there is a contract that allowes EQUAL collaboration for all banking- and insurance-issue
  2. the EU never kept to that contract
  3. we also know that long before the EC decided to implement an EEA, there was a well going alternative, called “EFTA”. Invented by the UK, but decentralised; France and Germany couldn’t handle that decentralised approach. Rest is history. It’s not “countrys not joyning EEA” that isolate themselves, it’s the EU isolating countries that don’t joyn EEA. Little difference in words, but a big one in meaning.

ALSO, just to be completly on topic:
Revolut has a history of handling us swiss clients as “2nd class clients”; i know you’ll reply with something like “high salarys” aso, but just keep in mind: premium-subscriptions aso have the same price for swiss, yet a very limited set of “value” for swiss.
I know it’s risky asking a “proEU-guy” about the human rights, but do you know article 14 of the european human rights convention?

Look Recchan,
there are other companys not wanting to anger Brussels by making business with non EEA-countrys. eg. Curve. At least they have the audacity of pulling out of that market, and not treat people like sh…t to make it clear that “with us or against us” is as totalitarian as it can get.

So if revolut does not want to offer its services to swiss residents - well ok, :r:'s decission, right? But at least they should go the full way, don’t you think?

Just ask yourself how long would you be treated like a “2nd class citizen” before raising your voice? (and keep that in mind before bashing on other countries)

Sorry for the long thing here, and some slight OT.


If you feel mistreated by a company why do you use and support it? Vote with your wallet.

When I feel mistreated I stop giving that company money.


Because Revolut still offers - no let me rephrase it: promised to offer services, that are unreached with swiss banks. AND it’s currently the only card i can get that’s compatible with Google Pay’s mobile payment.

The issue is, maybe I didn’t made it too clear:
revolut starts a product in CH with promised services.
They don’t keep to the services.
Instead of calling them out, most EEC-cititzens say “stop complaining” or “vote with your wallet”.

Just imagine revolut would start a product in YOUR country and uses a half-founded excuse to ask for the same money but not deliver the same services. (halffounded due to: they can offer the services, they just don’t want - but still ask for the same price. It’s very simple: offer the service, or don’t. But never use an excuse “not member of EEC/EU” if you’re in the non-EEC/EU-market already)

BUT, i agree with you and will vote with my wallet. …the instant there’s another competitor in CH offering similar services (and i’m using the free account only - for payments in EU, i’m mostly using my TW-card; because it’s a full debit, and I encountered some issues when using the prepaid-card)


What exactly did they have that they now no longer have?

Switzerland had a referendum on joining the EEA some years ago - its citizens voted against this.

As for Revolut not currently mentioning expansion to Switzerland, this might be a victim of the European Commission’s latest attempt to bully Switzerland to get their own way on other things (as they are also threatening to do to the UK)


I do not believe looking out for your economic bloc is a bad thing.

I also don’t believe a country can bully another without threatening war. There is no obligation unless your country is being threatened military wise.

You guys should stop seeking a relationship that is so weird and instead join the three levels they actually officially have rather than maintaining separate treaties for everything. Especially considering that they will be trying to strengthen the union by gradually moving people over into the EU itself shortly.