HSBC bank doesn't recognise Euro IBAN number


Trying to transfer to Euro account with IBAN, unfortunately HSBC UK online banking shows up with an error: “The IBAN you have entered is not recognised. Please try again.”

Is there a way to disable personal euro IBAN account and revert back to old Reference based transfers?


It is possible. Get in touch with in-app support and it should be easy and fast.
You also have this other option: Bank won’t recognise new Euro IBAN/BIC!


Have you checked the IBAN for validity at ?
Are you transferring EUR from HSBC to your Revolut EUR account?
If its a GBP to EUR transfer then load in Revolut and then transfer for a better rate without charges.


I am trying the other way around euro currency HSBC account to pound HSBC account via Revolut, but online banking doesn’t accept the IBAN from Revolut and I don’t have a debit card on the Euro account to top up directly.


I suggested you validate the IBAN to check there are no “typos”!
Don’t use the old LT IBAN as its future might not be long lived and the mix of LT IBAN and GB BIC is not liked by some banks.

If its the new personal GB IBAN and it validates, you should be able to set it up online in HSBC as an beneficiary as its a straight EUR > EUR transfer with no charges.
If you cant set it up online HSBC should be able to do it (this happened with my French bank).

When you get EUR > Revolut working set up a Revolut > HSBC EUR bank transfer (the other direction). That way you can fund HSBC EUR from GBP without HSBC charges.


I have the same problem; I am being paid in EUROs into my HSBC currency account and wanted to do REVOLUT to for better FX rate and as a day-2-day current account (while im in UK or traveling in EUROZONE)

I tried topping up the revolut account from my EURO account and the HSBC online banking and I was getting errors:
Invalid BIC number
I called the HSBC customer helpline and gave then the IBAN number (GB one) showed on the app and the HSBC representative said the IBAN numbre is invalid (checking it online has shown it is valid)
After another 10 minute wait and him checking stuff internally basically the issue was:

IBAN is valid however; Revolut ltd shows up as online bank based in UK however it is not registered as a member of Association of British Banks (or something along the lines) and as such it’s not on a whitelist and the IBAN code is not accepted.

REVOLUT - get your stuff together; looking at the forums you really struggle with regulatory framework/being a member of appropriate trade bodies in UK and as such the services don’t work well with UK based providers…


Just to recap;

IBAN is correct and validated
HSBC doesnt process payments using that IBAN as the Revolut LTD is not a member of the british bank association trade body which provides the whitelist of which BIC/IBANs are correct. (that was the statement from support on HSBC Advance customer helpline)

Any help /statement from somebody on the revolut side?


I would suggest anyone ditch the unhelpful HSBC EUR account and look at opening an account with Credit Agricole in France who have dedicated (and very helpful) specifically English speaking staff in Caen. You don’t have to live in France to do this.
(Ive been using CA for 20+ years, have current and interest paying deposit accounts, do everything on line, don’t pay fees, and have set up a transfer from and to Revolut. CA will set up the “to Revolut” transfer and have done this for many clients.)

Accepting Amazon Payments in Euros?

What I actually did is open a Borderless Account with TransferWise… and then transfered from TW to Revolut…
Apparently they are planning to release cards attached to them as well.
Honestly revolut better sort their stuff beforehand with Euro IBAN accounts else TW might over take you guys!