HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


Revolut has been supporting HRK for a while now.
It’s important to note that it is only available to business customers. (As of the time of writing this.)



Well, this is the topic in the PRIVATE section of the community, not business, therefore HRK is still missing for as a top-up and bank transfer currency :slight_smile:


I am not Croation, but I do have an OIB and own a house in Croatia.
I tried again but the same result: the agent on the video chat refused to create the account since I could not provide a Croatien ID-Card.


@Revolut what is the update with this please?


You won’t get an answer most likely. I’ve tried several times. Total silence.


Finally received a promise :slight_smile:


Good to see an answer finally, but my 2-year experience with Revolut taught me “by the end of the year” probably means summer 2019 or even end of 2019. Hopefully i am wrong


Revolut CEO mentioned in his open letter that they failed on delivering other EU currency accounts. So, reading between the lines, I’d say we can expect to see HRK account really by the end of the year. Hopefully sooner than later :crossed_fingers:t2:


One thing I learned with Revolut is: never assume if it wasn’t said. Only the result counts.


true story :joy: :sweat_smile:


towards the end of the year”.

They didn’t specify which year :smile:
Might be 2022 :rofl:

Hope you will get your HRK account soon!
Or your country will switch to euro.


Haha that might happen sooner actually :joy:


What is the planed schedule for Croatia switching to Euro?


I don’t know but it’s overdue. Currently I am near Zadar. 1€ is 7.4 Kuna and faily stable for years – as I learned. Products cost nearly 1:1 the same as in Germany. Only thing is: Kuna look stylish vintage.


They might have some of those guys transfered onto their Euro - Bill - Editions and thereby keep a little bit of that vintage look :wink:


We are getting closer to „…some time towards the end of the year.“
If it is the year 2018 they were referring to then we are approaching the event we all here have been waiting for quite some time.
Oh, how exciting…maybe a Christmas present :wink:


Any info from anyone on this topic? Maybe there is someone from Balkans working at Revolut who would be so kind and share some insider info? :thinking:


I have wished this as my Christmas present!

Make it happen Revolut, we know you can! :heart_eyes:


@AndreasK do you maybe have any news about this now? Are you guys considering this at all or this is maybe not in your roadmap for now?


Please enable this. This would be a trigger for me to move to Premium or Steel account and to use Revoult cards and accounts even more. I know that Croatia is on its way to move to Euro but that is a long time from now. We need HRK top up possibility in private accounts.