HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


It is a pity that there is no progress nor any reaction on the request to add HKR.


I agree but most likely nothing will happen until revolut has the European banking license.

It’s logic really, why put a lot of effort into negotiating a deal then to rip everything apart maybe only months later?


What do you mean by that? Adding additional currencies has nothing to do with the banking license. Why would else currencies like MAD, ZAR, THB, QAR and AED have already been available for a long time?


Many parts of the product Revolut is offering relies on 3rd party service providers.

Someone provides rates, someone account functionalities, someone payment processing, et cetera. It is not unreasonable to assume, in my opinion, that they are not engaging in major changes and negotiations with partners for their technical platform shortly before they’re expecting a license that is probably followed by a major restructuring in that area.


I get your point here, but the CurrencyCloud - Revolut’s third-party partner is in charge of currency conversions and bank transfers and, as you could see on the above link, they do support HRK and BGN. In my view, Revolut would need to arrange opening of the HRK account at Lloyds and then extend their agreement with the Currency Cloud to include HRK.


True. But they may not need to rely on currency cloud when they have their license. in that case there is no need for them to engage with currency cloud or Lloyd’s.


Might be true for having accounts at Lloyds, but don’t think Revolut will do currency conversions on their own…might not be a proper comparison point here, but even the N26, which is a bank, still relies on Transferwise for foreign currency exchange.


So does monzo. But as you said it is not a fair comparison.


With country specific cards being a thing, I think it is one of the first steps for more local accounts.


True, but might be that only a few bigger markets get these local accounts soonish, but don’t believe this is going to become a reality in the whole of the EEA in the near future.

Lol this is what just popped out on the right side. Maybe a good time to give this topic a bit of rest :smiley:


Sure, but let’s say they’ve negotiated services and prices for the current currencies. Do you thing currencycloud would add more services for free just because they can offer them? My point was that Revolut might be in a position where it’s just not a good time, business wise, to re-negotiate this now.


This might be the case actually, yes. But then again, it gives somewhat bad image that they could not squeeze in the last 2 EEA currencies to their offer. And what about MAD, ZAR…and a few others that are always good to have, but, seriously, before all the EEA currencies are in there? A big LOL


I am kind of sure they are making these decisions based on something. Adding all EEA currencies might not have been a priority. I don’t know what the reasoning here is, but I am also not assuming there isn’t one. It could be very simple. Maybe Lloyds couldn’t offer them the accounts for holding this currency for a reasonable price. I don’t know.


I mean that I think revolut waits until the licens is in place. Not a single currency apart from crypto has to my knowledge been added since the banking license announcement?


Well, all very reasonable points, but at the end speculations only.
And I am afraid we will have to remain in that ambiguity until Revolut will take officially notice of this thread and participate in the discussion.


Absolutely, all I’m saying is logic seems to point towards don’t keep your hopes up just yet.

They will fix this aswell eventually I’m sure!


I’m living for the moment you will support HRK because I am really Revolut power user; I use it as a main card in shops, I use it for splitting bills, etc. But the main problem is that I earn money in HRK, transfer it to EUR and then spend it in HRK… my bank takes a lot from conversion HRK > EUR and I am giving them a lot of money… yes, I top up hundreds of EURs in a month because I use it to split the bills with my room mates…

so… please… I need this ASAP…


Another vote for HRK subaccount. A lot of Europeans are travelling to Croatia for vacations and it would be nice to be able to buy some HRK when they are cheaper (out of high tourist season).


Tried to open that account online today. During the video chat I was told that Anyone who wangs to open the account online needs to have a Croatian citizenship. An address in Croatia alone is not sufficient.
I may open it in a post shop personally, though I am not sure if they affter this smart account for free there as well.


That’s simply not true nor in accordance with the law. You only need to be a resident with a valid address and the Croatian VAT number (OIB) if you’re an EU national, if not, then a copy of a valid visa/work permit will be asked. Call them and insist they check the regultions. Imagine if all banks in a specific country would require citizenship of that country from all clients.

Are you Croatian and do you have residence in Croatia?