HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


They are kinda ignoring us as far as the HRK is concerned, but you can’t say it’s a pointless product.

Revolut is an amazing option for travelling, offering you FREE multicurrency accounts, FREE conversion up to 6000 EUR monthly, NO monthy maintenance fee, FREE withdrawals up to 200 EUR per month for the basic option or 400 EUR for Premium, FREE bank transfers in 26 currencies almost anywhere - in short - everything what a typical Croatian bank does not offer.

If you have a Croatian credit card and are in lack of cash, you can even get free cash from your credit card by topping up your Revolut account and making an ATM withdrawal or bank transfer (okay, you’ll end up with the double EUR conversion, but those amounts are really minimal).


You are absolutly right.
Happy to have signed in for Revolut.

However, Revolut with HRK would make it even better for me :slight_smile:


As a Croatian, I’d totally LOVE it if Revolut would add HRK as a top-up and bank transfer option. @AndreasK


I just read on web, that “Croatia has committed to adopt the euro once it fulfils the necessary conditions.”

So question is - will revolut add HRK first or Croatia change to EUR first :new_moon_with_face:



I need to start looking for alternatives…
What bank and what bank account would you recommend me to open to pay regular bills in HRK?
The bank should offer an app and preferable have the option to select English as language.
The account should be without charge if possible.

Thank you.


Hrvatska poštanska banka (Croatian postal bank) HPB offers “SuperSmart HPB” - a totally free current account including a debit contactless Mastercard and a free m-banking app. You can only open it online by videocall through the app - but you need to be a legal resident in Croatia (not necessarily a citizen).

More info is here, but only in Croatian:



do you know if I travel to moldova what should I do if I want to withdraw, my default currency is DKK on revolut, should I just withdraw or maybe convert to EUR before ?


@ Revolut

I think you owe us a HRK account option now after your latest blunder:


Thank you very much, Expatier.


I have opened this account and I can confirm it works like a charm.

My only qualm about it is that they also require verification of your identity from another bank. Yes, after half an hour on a video link with a guy, and you having sent and showed your IDs, there is still the last required step of you having to pay some small amount into your new account from an existing bank account that is in your name. To be honest that left me feeling cheated. If after the bloody interview they still don’t believe me that I am who I say I am, then why the fvck bother with the interview at all? Get rid of it and just keep the requirement of paying in from your existing account. /RANT


BTW I think a HRK account is a great idea and I am looking forward to Revolut adding it.

Maybe now after XRP it is finally the time.


HRK and BGN are last 2 currencies unsupported in EU, but I doubt they will implement it “soon” as it seems they have more priority things and we are quite small countries from the user amount point of view :slight_smile:


Denmark and Norway have less citizens than Bulgaria (not to mention e.g. Qatar whose currency (QAR) you can have in your Revolut’s wallet even though it is not in EEA) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
Why? Because of (nomen omen) money :joy::rofl:

BTW. Qatar has less citizens than Croatia


@redi, true in every way…


can’t really figure out why they would not add HRK and BGN, but they added currencies like MAD, THB, AED, QAR and ZAR lol


I’m guessing that support for non-G10 currencies is driven by liquidity and regulatory ease rather than by customer demand. For example, I’m sure that RUB is a priority in view of the nationality of Revolut’s founder, but they are no doubt facing regulatory hurdles.


Simple answer: Nikolay takes his holidays in Thailand, Morocco and South Africa, whereas Abu Dhabi and Qatar bunged him some cash! :wink:


And you would say MAD has a better liquidity and less regulations than BGN?


BGN is linked to EUR so I do not know why is so hard to implement it as it is not some wild currency out there, maybe some local regulations but I cannot guess


Currency Cloud, Revolut’s third-party payment and currency processor enables transactions in both HRK and BGN:

So I guess not having these currencies as wallet currencies must be purely Revolut’s business decision, instead of being a “regulatory” thing.