HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


Tourists would be grateful too :wink:


I have to gree. Tourism in Croatia is increasing drastically thanks to Game of Thrones – Dubrovnik is Kingslanding. It would be really useful if they could add this.


What I really find astounding here is that Revolut has not even been bothered to at least acknowledge this thread. I’ve been with Revolut long enough to know that this kind of silence could be translated as “It’s all great what you’re writing about guys, but adding HRK wallet, bank transfer and top-up option is not on our agenda for the moment nor we can provide a time estimate for this”.


Unfortunately you can be right :unamused:.
What is silly- almost year ago they answered me that this will available within a few days.
Now- they don’t any details (or at least clue- of it is going to be in this year) neither on Twitter nor-here


Dear :r: could you please give us some info? Some ETA…


Don’t bother, if they haven’t done that already, they most probably won’t do it now.


Hopefully we’ll see blog post like this one soon…


It is confirmed info or just hope?


Hahaha :joy: just hope :pray:


Buuuu, I hoped that there is any confirmation…
@AndreasK can you tell us if there any hope that HRK will be available as a wallet during this summer?


Do you live in Croatia? Or just visiting from time to time? :slight_smile:


I visit Croatia in summer :grin:


Ah ok, so that’s why you are so eager to have HRK as a currency option :slight_smile: I think we can forget it tbh - if for confirmed novelties “soon” refers to 6 months or more, then not confirming HRK as an option or even acknowleding this request would mean - not on the agenda, sorry guys :frowning:


Last summer they answered me that it will be within a few days. A year later- any ETA. Sad but true


Just join the club: please add HRK! Cryptos were added - since there are in free fall. HRK got same time stronger… well. And Croatia is in the final…


Maybe they will finally add HRK when Croatia wins the Football World Championchips this weekend :wink:


I think they (:r:) do not add HRK because they (Croatia) has won with England :slight_smile:


I’ve already tried sending this once from LinkedIn :slight_smile:


This was mine. (With typo, I know, but I believe easy to understand though :wink:)


Well, my free card has just arrived in Croatia and sadly it’s just a piece of worthless plastic since I cannot top up my account with my HRK salary. Pointless product.

They are obviously ignoring us althogether. I can only imagine what their customer service is like when you have a serious issue that needs to be taken care od asap.

So promising and yet so sad.