HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


I’m going to visit Croatia this summer and I’m kind of surprised that Revolut doesn’t support HRK. Actually that one of the reasons why I signed up to Revolut was to be able to pay in Kuna by card.
Last year over 18 mln people visited Croatia and majority of them had to exchange their currency to Kunas in local exchange offices. That’s a pity that in 2018 we still have to pay by cash not to by card. I can’t believe that this ‘not big enough’ market for Revolut.
Any news @AndreasK?


Hi @monio. HRK is a supported spending currency! You can use your card in Croatia :slight_smile:


Hi @JessicaZ , I think that this is not what @monio meant. You can pay in Croatia with Revolut, but the problem is that you cannot pay with HRK currency directly without conversions as there is no HRK account that you can add in the app. So if I’m from Croatia, I can fill up Revolut card only with €. That means that first conversion will be made by my bank (HRK to €), and than when I buy something in Croatia another conversion will be made by Revolut (€ to HRK). So currently there is no way to top up account with HRK, have HRK on my account and than pay with it.

Having Revolut acc for me is great thing where I can buy stuff, than split the bill…or send / recieve money with nearby function without filling payment form, etc. basically Revolut is a great thing to manage money in our household. Only problem is shopping with Revolut in Croatia because of all those currency conversions :confused:


I would like to have PHP account then if that is the case :slight_smile: . @AndreasK if u going to make HRK, please make PHP account or at least add PHP as base currency on thr Revolut.


Huge fan of Revolut :smile:


Nothing against PHP of course, but I think Revolut should now first focus on adding few of the remaining EEA currencies still not available for top up (HRK, BGN and ISK) and bank transfer (HRK and ISK).


Hehe… i hate to say this, but i agree with u on this :slight_smile: . Is there any topic on this forum where is written what is due in next 6 months for example like monzo has?


This is good for tourists from Britain and / or the Eurozone, but for Croats is it valid as a coat for dead body ;-). For them, due to the double conversion HRK - EUR - HRK, the current use of Revolut is too expensive and uncomfortable.


I agree with everything my fellows from Croatia said here.
Please add HRK next!


I’m actually really dissapointed with this situation and support the initiative too. Can we have an answer please as when the transfers in HRK will be available? @revolut


Also a new user, HRK should be added for top up! There is a lot of potential for Revolut, as Croatia is one of the most beautiful and visited tourist countries all year round!


If we could have HRK as supported currency I would move my company and personal account to revolut. Law requires that salary is payed in HRK hence we can’t make use of provided EUR IBAN :frowning:


What I find most frustrating about this topic is that there is no reaction from official Revolut side at all…
I mean, what could they do wrong by at least acknowledging the demand/request that is stated here?


What is the update on this?


Summer leave is approaching and Europian Tourists are pouring into Croatia…come on Revolut, where is your support to HRK.


First of all, where is Revolut’s ACKNOWLEDGMENT of this thread we’ve been waiting for ages now???


We have the same issue with other currencies sadly. :frowning: So I’m using our only B option right now, which is to use TransferWise to transfer HRK (or any unsupported currency) from your debit/credit card, and receive EUR(or any supported currency) to your Revolut card. :r:
You can use 29 for your first transfer to make it free, and you’ll only have to pay like up to 3-4HRK for debit card fee when exchanging 2500 HRK. Hope this helps to all you travellers :slight_smile:


@revolut still no updates on this? Oh, come on — we’d like to top up with HRK and spend HRK. What’s the big deal about this?


I am incredibly disappointed to find out Revolut doesn’t exchange to Croatia Kuna. My partner and I are planning a wedding here in 2019 and it would have been extremely useful. It looks from this thread that there is a huge demand for this service. Such a shame that Revolut has not responded.


Hi he212,

Revolut is working on HRK along with all other currencies, I’m guessing we’d only have to wait couple more weeks or a month, because Revolut does not want to be left out of this summer season.
We only need a bit more patience :slight_smile:

Also, congratulations on your wedding.


It would be great if Revolut actually acknowledged that they are working on adding HRK, which they haven’t so far. They seem busy adding Ripple and the like, which I guess is far sexier from marketing standpoint.

Revolut, there are a lot of potential customers for you in Croatia, an outward looking country with an educated and tech-savy population. The Croatian people are keen to get rid of their traditional banks, but to receive a salary to their Revolut accounts, they need to be able to have HRK balances.