HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


Do you guys @revolut even plan to add HRK lol? A simple acknowledgement of this issue would be so respectful to both your Croatian users and other users who need HRK.


In the other thread @AndreasK liked my post in which I hoped that HRK will be soon. Now I don’t know how to interpret this :thinking:


I like you posts anyway :slight_smile:


Hahahaha, ah Andreas, what would we do without you?? :slight_smile:


We would fall into despair.



Very funny meme, but how about you give a real answer to the question at hand? I’m very interested in having HRK as a top up currency and I would like to at least see the acknowledgment for any kind of a timeframe.
Thank you.

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100% agreed.
I am not sure if I understand what might be the challange in adding this currency.
Maybe someone could explain that.


HRK is an exotic currency, the croatian market is small and the croatian regulatory framework is shit. I completely understand why most payment providers avoid it and concentrate on bigger markets first, but I would still like a clarification of intent on this.


You’re completely right on this, but I have two problems with the lack of HRK:

  1. Revolut offers its services to all EEA users; as Croatia makes part of the EEA its currency should be included too, regardless of the actual market and regulatory conditions

  2. If you call HRK an exotic currency, then ZAR, AED, MAD and other available non-EEA top-up and bank transfer currencies are equally exotic at the very least, but still supported by Revolut.


It’s hard to argue with that. I think you are in the right.


I still support this initiative and hope you will add HRK very soon!


So do i and given how far revolut already has gotten, supporting all the 11 currencies on this list should be a major goal of revolut? It would look nice in advertising:

“Revolut - Keep and exchange any currency used in the EU!”


The market is not that small, with a large diaspora (such as myself) transferring money all over the place, and tens of millions of tourists visiting the country each year (they all have to transact in HRK while there).

But whilst I’d grant that market size wise there might be bigger fish to catch, I disagree strongly about the regulatory framework being shit. Croatia has an independent/well funded/fully staffed banking regulator that makes sure all the current EU regulations are implemented and followed to the letter. If Revolut can operate in other EU countries, it can operate in Croatia too without additional hurdles.


Tourists want to buy HRK not sell it. That’s one of the reasons Revolut has EURHRK but not HRKEUR. And it’s still an extremely small market, just look at the volume of that pair. I can’t think of any European currency, let alone an EU one, that is less liquid (probably ALL, MDL, RSD, BAM or something like that). I once wanted to trade HRK, but literally no broker was carrying it (Saxo did it briefly I think, but stopped).
Perhaps the regulation has changed in recent years, last I checked it was horrible.

P.S. Btw, I think that HNB is one of the best central banks for such a small country. For example, I regard Rohatinski, the previous governor, as extremely competent. This was a critique of the government and the business ecosystem, not the central bank.


Well most small European countries have adopted the euro, so… :slightly_smiling_face:

Croatia is still at least 5 years away from that, maybe more.

I’d be surprised to learn that HRK has any less forex volume than say CZK or BGN (though I don’t know how to check). It’s an open economy and millions are being exchanged daily. However the currency is in a managed float regime, with the central bank not allowing large fluctuations. I’d guess that must be the reason why it’s not really readily available to retail forex speculators. It’s more of a feature than a bug.

Rohatinski was lauded in his time, probably for good reason. Our banks didn’t collapse in 2009, so he must have done something right.


Yes, true, haha.

I hope it comes rather quickly. I think it would revitalise the economy.

It’s hard to get by volume data, especially if you want to have a complete picture. Most data streams are proprietary. You can try, or something like that, but since HRK is only traded locally (I think?) I don’t know how reliable the available data is. According to my data, CZK has much more trading volume, while BGN seems just a tad more.

While it is true that HRK is pegged to EUR, that’s only part of the reason why it’s not readily available (coupled with yugeeee spreads and risk makes it a very bad investment vehicle). Nothing about a managed float would prevent trading per se, it would just make speculation harder. After all CHF was pegged to the EUR too and it was traded like crazy (of course it is much more so now after the SNB started its shopping spree). But your point is well taken.


For me it is all about using the Kuna as a currency when in Croatia. I do not look at it from an investors or traders point of view but as far as I rember the HRK has been pretty stable for quite some years now.
Anyway, having the opportunity to hold a HRK account in Revolut would be a logical thing when putting a focus on EU countries.


Is no one from @revolut going to acknowledge this thread and provide a simple explanatory statement as to whether or not adding HRK is in Revolut’s pipeline?

I’m not sure what exactly impedes Revolut from adding HRK as a top-up (wallet) currency, but if a problem to sending HRK via bank transfer lies with Revolut’s payment processor (i.e. Currency Cloud not supporting this currency) - please would you clearly say this to all of us?


+1 for adding HRK along with HUF though!
Meanwhile, just like with HUF, you can go ahead and use transferwise and with my link, your first transfer will be free, except debit card fee of like equivalent of 0.5eur or so. Transferwise will charge you with base currency like HRK and will send EUR to your Revolut account. Cheaper than charging directly your Bank account with EUR, but still not the most convinient. :slightly_smiling_face: :r: