HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


AFAIK it cannot be SEPA, because of currency (HRK <>EUR)


It’s more complex than this.

SEPA credit transfers are two things: a regulatory framework that regulates fees and so on. Only EUR transfers are governed by this.

And then there is a technical framework. A rulebook, how banks exchange messages, bits of data, and how the actual transaction is settled. The technical framework for SEPA transfers was designed with all the local currencies of SEPA countries in mind. The data standard for SEPA transfers can handle transfers in different currencies as well. The intention was that banks could use a new modern infrastructure and unified data model for transfers. Think of it as an email provider. Different prices might apply for non-EUR-“emails”, but banks can still facitlitate the infrastructure to send other currencies. And SWIFT would be a different email provider in this example.


i always thought its SEPA but now i am confused … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What can I say- Polish banks don’t send money using SEPA in case other than EUR.
They use either SWIFT (for international transfer) or the local one (ELIXIR or its newer, faster- instant version- EXPRESS ELIXIR). They sometimes use SORBNET2 (instant transfer) too (at the beginnig it was local and used for high volume transfers, now can be used for each local transfer in both currencies- PLN and EUR. In case of EUR they use its API to connect it with TARGET)


I think thats the case for croatian banks too. I am now reading the documents about sending money abroad for Erste bank and ONLY payments in Euros they call SEPA transfers. For other currencies they use terms like “OUR option”, “SHA option” but not “SEPA”.


OUR and SHA are just options how costs are shared between banks involved in a transfer.

But technically, a SWIFT transfer involves the SWIFT network, provided by the SWIFT organization, for transmitting information about financial transactions. SWIFT basically defined the syntax that is also used for SEPA transfers. SEPA is built on the ISO developed by SWIFT.

The beauty of SEPA is that it connects local banking infrastructure. There is not one route money always takes. There are different settlement systems, run by different companies or the ECB, and they compete with each other.

So the question would be: was information sent via the SWIFT network? And that does not have to be necessarily the case, only because something isn’t a EUR SEPA transfer. And why is this even so interesting, if the SWIFT organization was or wasn’t involved?

The European Payments Council for example works right now on new guidelines that consumers have to be made aware about exchange rate markups in international non EUR transfers within the SEPA area. And this is with direct debits in mind. The EPC wants direct debit and instant transfers between all SEPA member currencies as user-friendly and convenient as they are in EUR zone.


It is, for tourists. I can top up with my CHF currency and then exchange in HRK. Other people can exchange other currency in HRK. For now, its better then nothing.


I transfered 300 HRK to an account at PBZ. No fee from Revolut.
Fee from PBZ was 7,5 HRK.


This is a fee called “Prekogranični priljev/priljev iz inozemstva ili priljev iz zemlje u devizama” charged by most banks in Croatia.

If you want a completely free receipt of funds from Revolut, use Sberbank or Erste bank (Erste has a multicurrency foreign account with a multicurrency debit card so I recommend this one). With Erste, you will have to pay 6 kn/month for using any account in foreign currency, but every time you send money to your foreign currency account, you won’t pay anything.


The payment description on my account actually is:
„Trošak obrade priljeva“

Usually I transfered Euros to a PBZ Euro account (fee is 1 Euro) and from there change the currency to the PBZ HRK account. So basically the same fees but the conversion within PBZ is worse:
For example, on the same day:
Revolut Euro:HRK = 1:7,41
PBZ Euro:HRK = 1:7,32

I think someone mentioned earlier the account the Hrvaska Posta is offering, which should be free of any regular charges. Maybe an even better solution than the Erste?


No, Hpb charges 7,5 kn too. Told you, only Sberbank and Erste don’t charge at the monemt


How much is 7,5kn?



Around 1 Euro, so no big deal.


@expatier, do you know if I can open an account at Erste online or do I have to visit a branch? Could not find it on their homepage.


You can pre-open it online but you will have to visit a branch to sign the contract


Ok, thank you very much.


Aaaaa, it’s happening. HRK is live on Revolut. Me so happy :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


@AndreasK any update on the HUF topup subject? Thx.


HUF?..or HRK?



Probably both :wink: (20)