HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account


Congratulations on EU banking licence, now please add support for HRK :wink:


Was on Chat yesterday with support.
No timeframe yet but I explained how much they are loosing monthly as I am still paying everything (even the bubble gum) with my classic CC.
It would help if everyone ask question about this to chat support in the app (just type in msg box “live agent”).


Another vote for HRK top up. This would make this excellent product even better. Also, that would eliminate my need to have legacy bank account.

Looking forward to HRK top up.


I noticed that website got new HR language/location designation. I can’t remember is that something old or new…
If it is new, it could be a great sign :grin:


We got also BG flag on the website, but no BGN :slight_smile: so that’s unlikely relevant to the currency unfortunately :roll_eyes:


How many users are there in Croatia? Would give you a good idea about :r: roadmap


This is also not so straight-forward, Bulgaria has more users than Norway or Sweden, but they have their currencies. So we do not know exactly the reason… Anyway Hungary/Croatia/Bulgaria are the only ones in EU without currency top-ups


I’m not sure why now and then I found posts like this where someone says that Hungary does not have support for local currency… Am I looking something wrong here as I’m having HUF as supported currency in the list?


I think they cannot topup for some reason.


Hi, HUF is available, just there is no HUF top-up. So, there is an unwanted currency conversion at top-up in EUR or GBP. That’s all.
A hurdle for Revolut to be a replacement for Hungarian banks.


Hi… what is the update with this please?


They recently told me they hope to introduce HRK top-ups and bank transfers in 2019.


Please remember that they’ve promised Google Pay/ Apple Pay until the end of 2017 :rofl::joy: (I was promised to provide HRK in summer 2017 :wink:)


Exactly…they did not say they would introduce HRK in 2019, but that they HOPE to do it…


2019 are still young


The hope dies last…


HRK account, yes please!!


BGN to HRK: “Welcome to the club of the lonely hearts!” :slight_smile:


Just to let all of you know that HRK is now listed as a bank transfer currency (it’s not yet a wallet/top -up currency), so it should be possible to send HRK for free to Croatian bank accounts - HOWEVER - it does not work for me yet, the transfer gets rejected.

Could some of you try sending HRK via bank transfer and let me know if it’s only me or there’s an actual problem with HRK transfers?


If you do not have top-up it is useless as you have to do double conversion via another currency (like HRK-EUR-HRK) in order to have HRK in such account from your HRK debit… so not so much fun.