HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account

true story :joy: :sweat_smile:

towards the end of the year”.

They didn’t specify which year :smile:
Might be 2022 :rofl:

Hope you will get your HRK account soon!
Or your country will switch to euro.

Haha that might happen sooner actually :joy:

What is the planed schedule for Croatia switching to Euro?

I don’t know but it’s overdue. Currently I am near Zadar. 1€ is 7.4 Kuna and faily stable for years – as I learned. Products cost nearly 1:1 the same as in Germany. Only thing is: Kuna look stylish vintage.

They might have some of those guys transfered onto their Euro - Bill - Editions and thereby keep a little bit of that vintage look :wink:

We are getting closer to „…some time towards the end of the year.“
If it is the year 2018 they were referring to then we are approaching the event we all here have been waiting for quite some time.
Oh, how exciting…maybe a Christmas present :wink:

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Any info from anyone on this topic? Maybe there is someone from Balkans working at Revolut who would be so kind and share some insider info? :thinking:


I have wished this as my Christmas present!

Make it happen Revolut, we know you can! :heart_eyes:

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@anon33247966 do you maybe have any news about this now? Are you guys considering this at all or this is maybe not in your roadmap for now?

Please enable this. This would be a trigger for me to move to Premium or Steel account and to use Revoult cards and accounts even more. I know that Croatia is on its way to move to Euro but that is a long time from now. We need HRK top up possibility in private accounts.

Option to top up account in HRK would definitely make me purchase premium or Metal subscription. Please enable this ASAP. Thank you


Here is finally some answer and some time frame. Unfortunatelly we will have to wait for HRK account and top-ups for some more time. “Next year” could be January 2019, could be December 2019. Knowing Revolut we have a full year of waiting!

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My Revoult card is coming very soon. It would be really nice to have HRK as a native Revolut account :slight_smile:

That would be nice, but don’t forget Revolut’s answer started with “We hope to…” and not “We will or we aim to” :wink:

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Come on Revolut, you got your banking licence now, no excuse now to not deliver the ultimate prize: HRK accounts!

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Come on, I need HRK to ditch standard CC.
Even will think about going premium or maybe metal.

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Congratulations on EU banking licence, now please add support for HRK :wink:


Was on Chat yesterday with support.
No timeframe yet but I explained how much they are loosing monthly as I am still paying everything (even the bubble gum) with my classic CC.
It would help if everyone ask question about this to chat support in the app (just type in msg box “live agent”).

Another vote for HRK top up. This would make this excellent product even better. Also, that would eliminate my need to have legacy bank account.

Looking forward to HRK top up.