HRK available in business but not in regular Revolut. When? PSD2...


Hi Revolut,
I’m eager to find an estimate as to when do you plan to implement Croatian Kuna as a top-up option?
I’m asking because now to transfer a salary earned in Croatia I have to use my banks rate which defeats the purpose mostly. This is the biggest hurdle to overcome as an Croatian user. I love the app, been using it for over a year (also premium) and it’s a bit illogical that you would offer support for the currency in Revolut for business and also that you can take the money out of the ATM from Revolut EUR account for example and use you rate for it (it works with a good rate).

My next step with moving away from a tradition Croatian bank (where my only reason to have an account there is because I have to get my salary to a HRK account) is waiting for (excited a lot about it) PSD2. How will that be implemented concerning that the account is in HRK which is not supported for personal use (unlike Business).

Thank you in advance for your response.


Ima nas jos!

Agreed with all the above.


Podrzi nas i napisi nesto na HRK (Croatian Kuna) Account