How's revolut acceptance in Norway?


I will need to use my revolut card in Norway for a while and I’d like to know how is its acceptance there?

I had some problems when I tested it in Portugal… it was refused in every place I’ve tried but maybe I was just unlucky. I’m worried if something like this happens in Norway.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Not received my card yet, but as long as it’s a standard Mastercard then I don’t think you should have a problem. Most shops and all ATM’s accept MasterCard


Hey Ana.

What was the error message? It should be working properly in Portugal.

I’ve personally used mine there without issues :roll_eyes:


Andreas K.

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Hei AndreasK.

It simply said that the terminal didn’t have contract with the card provider or something like that. Maybe they didn’t have contract with mastercard? Maybe I was unlucky in the ones I chose? I’ll keep trying while I’m still here in Portugal.

I haven’t tried withdraw at a Portuguese ATM yet because I’m heading to Norway in a few days and I only want to withdraw there.


Was your card active?

On the app it says that it’s enabled. I got it yesterday. Do I need to do any additional step to start using the card?

The first payment has to be with chip & pin

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I tried to pay at restaurants, supermarket and pharmacies with chip (and not magnetic band) but most places showed that message before I could even insert the pin. A few of them let me insert the pin but then presented that message. Maybe I was unlucky and these terminals didn’t accept mastercard? I’ll try again today in a few more places to see if it works. :slight_smile:

Can you drop me a DM with your phone number associated with your account?

Hey Ana,

Did the Revolut card worked in Norway?


Hey @TEO1,
I’m not Ana but I can answer regarding my little experience there:
I went to Norway end of November 17’ for holiday and I had no problem at all for payment with my Mastercard, shops, souvenirs, supermarket, museum, fuel (inside), and also ATM at SpareBank1 (SNN).
Everything went really fine to me
So I hope the same for you :wink:

Hei. It worked just fine. I’m not using it anymore here because I have bank account here now, but I’ve used both in Portugal and Norway and it went well. However, I just used for payments and never tried to withdraw money from ATM.