How Would You Like To Mark The Solutions? 🤔

Hi everyone :wave:,

As you know, we are revamping our community, and we can never tell you enough how much your contribution impacts our community in both big and small ways :star_struck:

So, today. I’m here to ask for your opinion about the solutions flow on our topics. At the moment, only Revolut Staff, Top Contributors (Trust Level 4), and the Topic Creator can mark a solution. How would you like it to be?

  • Solutions should be marked only by Revolut Staff
  • Solutions should stay with the exact same flow
  • Solutions should be possible to be marked by all members

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Don’t think too much, just share your honest opinion with us quickly :smiley:

Let’s improve our Community together!

*Mariana I Community Manager *
Revolut Team


exact same flow for me but with the proviso that only certain Categories (and thus the topics therein) can be marked as “Solution”


Hmmm! That’s a good one @Graham_Lees :smiley:

Thanks for sharing your POV. :sunflower:

SG | Community Team

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To keep it moderate, only those engaged in the topic can mark a solution otherwise you’ll likely get some weird folk just tagging anything and everything as a solution.

The level platform works fine is level 3+ staff, contributors etc can do so as they’ve earnt their stripes.


That’s interesting.:thinking: Thanks @Carl_1460. :sunflower:

SG | Community Team

Just realised Revolut community doesn’t use levels unlike some other similar communities.