How will you send the card?


please we are asking you to send the revolut card to Athens Greece (rodwn 4 zwgrafou postal code is 15701 zwgrafou Athens) for internet transactions.My email is and my number is 698172806.My name is Tsokanis Ioanis T Dimitriou.


Hello @johnnysexpress,

Ioannis you need to download the app on your phone and order the card from the card section on the app. Please note due to high demand, there is now a waiting list.


Andreas K.


app is istalled on my phone


If you have the app and you’re using it for internet transactions then you won’t need a physical card as you’ll have the virtual one on the app. Just make sure the e-commerce function in the app is not disabled


As long as you keep using revolut for Internet transactions, you don’t need the physical card. A card would be of need, if you intend to do some “real” shopping in Greece (or elsewhere), by physical presence.


i have acount. how to send revolut card??


You can order the Revolut card for free directly through the Revolut App. Go to “My Card” and press the button “Deliver the Card to Me”.