How will my Revolut transact in USA



I’m new to a Revolut so apologies if this has been asked before.

I am due to travel to the USA in two weeks and I have a question. If I lock in the exchange rate how will my Revolut card know to charge the USD account and not take the funds from my GBP account.


It always takes it from the local currency if there are enough funds. Just make sure the ATM does not offer any currency conversion, respectively decline if it does.


Thanks Alessandro I really appreciate it!


I suggest that you fully read the FAQs. Not to mock you or something. I really think it is a good read and helps to understand the product better. There are many things explained there. From public transport in New York to tipping in US restaurants to situations where the card will fail. And how to avoid extra fees, how dynamic currency conversion should be avoided and what to do in case the phone gets stolen. Or how location based security works …


Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply, I thought the FAQ’s were great when I Initially read them, I picked up all the tips you mentioned but couldn’t for the life of me locate the information again relating to how payments were allocated of out of the accounts.

I’m paying my hotel on arrival and wondering if I should lock in the exchange rate or just leave it in GBP. Thoughts welcome, it’s fluctuated slightly but it makes the difference when it’s a few grand, then I’m thinking what if he card doesn’t work and I have to switch USD in to my U.K. current account

Must have missed the part about losing my phone so I’ll go back and review though, thanks again


I’m from the U.K. and signed up for the account a week or so ago and I’ve read about verification but on the verification and limits page there isn’t an option to upload anything, do you know if they electronically ID?


They do, yes. If they are not asking for an ID, you are all set.

(In case you’re topping up with cards, they are going to ask you to verify theses cards after a couple of times you’ve used them. It doesn’t hurt to do that as well before going on a trip. One thing less that could cause an interruption of the service.)


When I’m asked to verify the card I will, thanks Frank!


Hi there.

The card selects which balance to use in the following order:

*The local currency of the merchant/ATM e.g. if you are in Spain, it will deduct funds from your Euro balance.

*Your base currency - i.e. if you used a UK address to sign-up, your base currency will be GBP.

*Your largest balance.

You need to have sufficient funds in one single balance in order to make a transaction. If you don’t have enough funds in the balance of the local currency, it will default to your next largest balance and so on.

P.S. You’re fully verified. :slight_smile: