How useful do you find the community

I find the community forum useless and unresponsive particularly where Revolut has no interest in developing a particular area. Trading 212 is very responsive even if they just say ‘no we can’t do this… Coming soon’. On cryptoassets I have found revolut very lack lustre.

I joined the forum because I have a problem and just found out that I cannot post a new topic. Ironically I even got the “feel free to start a new topic” email.

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What does it take to post a new topic? I also joined because I had a question but what’s the whole point of the forum if you can’t ask questions without being a “super user” here?

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Hey @zarkas :wave:

There is no need to be a super user, in fact there are just a few requirements set. There are many topics which have already been created and to avoid having duplicates and enhance the sharing of thoughts and ideas under each topic we have got a user level approach.

@wifininja Has provided you with the source and can also be found on the FAQ section of this community under the first topic :+1:

We hope this is of help and thank you for your contribution to this community :hugs:

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Quite right imo. Is it laziness perhaps? I belong to other Discourse forums and it never ceases to amaze me that people will just fire away a new question when a valuable resource with an answer to their issue is already there or they can concentrate effort in an already existing topic to their own situation without going off-topic.

My assumption is that new users stroll around, maybe find or search for a topic, then maybe even read the first couple posts and then tap “answer”. The post is then posted at the end, without the user having scrolled there before. Users not taking the time reading more is certainly part of the problem, but this is so common that I also believe it’s a usability and information design problem. Who knows.

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How might that be addressed, do you think @Frank ?

Hm, that took me a while.

It’s in fact obvious that people search for a problem, find a thread, and stumble upon really old posts from 2017 and earlier and then respond to that. Not necessarily because they are too lazy to read, more because this is what’s presented to them. Their post is then added to the thread, and you’ve got weird “discussions” in threads that go in circles. But at the time of writing, they’re not aware of what’s discussed at the end of the thread, their own post isn’t posted there yet.

An obvious solution would be to show latest posts first, but that breaks the “threading” where threads evolve from the original post onwards. So I wouldn’t suggest that.

Since it changed over time how Revolut provides support in this community, I think now it would be best to just close and archive old threads where early posts are about former staff members providing direct support. And then hope that new threads with more current informations are able to replace old threads with unhelpful informations more easily.



Would be great to have more surveys and encourage the community to vote for new ideas

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