How useful do you find the community

To be fair, I’m getting somewhat frustrated by the community too after having been a member for ~2 years and find from time to time that posts I make are held for approval even though my TL = member. I am a TL3 in another Discourse forum and don’t suffer from such humiliation.
I think that s a reason why many just give up on this community.

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My trust level is member as well. But this topic is the only one where my posts need approval first. You experience this in other topics as well?

No… very odd. Immediately after posting my last comment which was then held for approval, I posted in another topic without any restriction. Is it perhaps because this topic is a voting one?
I think the OP as a Team member has set an option on it requiring any post to be approved.

Why is it I’m not able to start a thread, I have a problem in signing up. I couldn’t post it for support

please help

No, because this is a user community. There is no Revolut support here anyway.

I found two in as many seconds:

I have viewed the community a few times to find out answers to questions when I have them.

My only gripe is, I have been a member for about 3 years, and I still cannot start or make a post unless I am answering one started by others.

I was able to initially, but for some reason that facility has disappeared, and I have no idea why.

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I think because you have been demoted to Trust Level Basic User on account of your lack of interaction with the site.

The site automatically promotes and demotes members according to their level of activity without any intervention by those who manage the site.
This reference explains more…

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community is not jus a benefit its a must nowadays a must. would love to see more improvements tho. Likee focusing on what customers want more from services and implement ideas

at the moment I don’t find the community easy to use but have heard from Lyks so come back all I said about him

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I think it could be really nice to create a few threads in which users can add recommendations as replies.

I came to the community because I wanted to provide feedback and ideas to Revolut, but the trust level system makes it hard to innovate (we can only piggyback on threads).

For instance, here are some ideas of threads:

  • Suggest your thread: here users could suggest threads to open that cover new topics
  • Suggest an improvement: this was the unintentional effect of “How can we make Revolut better”
  • Suggest your charity: charity suggestions from users
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@klusek I think it’s too difficult to create a new topic. It does make the forum inviting for new users.

I disagree.
The problem with that is that new users won’t research existing topics to find what they are looking for and will clutter the forum with fragmented topics that have already been covered to death. This will be a big turn-off for serious users of the site.

Glad to see. I find communities like this are very helpful.

I disagree (with you, I mean). Forcing all discussions into existing barely relevant megathreads does not foster community. It just results in threads ending up segueing into totally off-topic messes because people just find a random thread to post in. THAT is the big turn-off for serious users of the site (well, that and infinite scrolling). Not being able to post a thread, and not even being told why until complaining in a random thread about it (or as one might put it, “cluttering the forum with fragments of topics”), is not conducive to a healthy community.

I really wish the Discourse software would die in a dumpster fire), it’s hideously unfriendly to literally everyone and is just jam packed with community-hostile features like this which Jeff Attwood’s “I know best” attitude packed in.

In short, I’d say “how useful do I find the community”? Not much at all.


I understand your point but we will have to agree to disagree.
@Mariana_Rodrigues Team Revolut is trying very hard to make improvements to the site in this topic and you might like to contribute to the conversation there


Hi @mat.barrie :wave:

Thank you for being part of the :r: Community!

We would like to hear more from you about how we can improve our Community. I have just created a recent topic for us to talk about it here, so feel free to leave your feedback here Revamping Our Revolut Community 🚀 - #20 by Mariana_Rodrigues.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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I wish I could write my own feedback/post here in the community, but it looks like I have been banned/limited from some strange reason.

Indeed, every time I try to post a new message on this community forum I always get a “pop-up” windows error just saying: “Access Denied” without any additional explanation.
I have tried with different browser but the problem still persists.

Do you know why?

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Hi there @cath70 :wave:

It looks like you have just joined our Community, so Welcome :wave:

In order for you to be able to create a new Topic, you first need to engage a bit more around the Community.

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