How useful do you find the community

Has the community benefited you? No matter the answer we would love to hear it. Let us know what you think and what you would like more of.


The community idea, if the Revolut teams does listen to us is amazing!
Why can’t I create a new thread in the Business section? I’d like to raise awareness regarding an important issue, but I can’t.

Why are thread creations disabled?

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It is important that someone from Revolut is available to help the community users all the time and try to resolve the issues quickly.

@tommyzat, in theory, after a while of being active on the forum you’ll be able to create new threads.

I’m saying in theory because in my case, after visiting the forum almost daily, viewing hundreds of threads, reading literally more than 10k posts and answering where I could, I’m still not allowed to do this.

Your mileage may vary.

I’m pretty sure they are actually disabled, there hasn’t been any new thread since early 2018. This is truly dissapointing coming from Revolut.

Hey @nomadus

We are working towards having the interactivity and content on the Community boosted. We have got an in-app chat which is our official support channel.

The community is more a place to discuss workarounds, ideas and all things related to Revolut hence it being called the Revolut Community.

We will be doing our best to provide as much knowledge as possible in response to posts, here on the Community, in the coming months, so stay tuned :pray:

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I am glad to see that you are active on this community forum.

No, how do I send a new query?

Hey there :wave:

The community works on trust levels, which has been noted above :top: . Once you increase your activity on the community your Trust level should follow suite. With this you will be able to carry out more actions :ok_hand:

Hey Klusek. For the moment I find the concept quite hard. I wanted to make a topic for asking help to Revolut team because of an unavailable support at live chat. Anyway I see that for the moment I can’t make a new topic and I feel a bit disappointed. So I try to help the community answering and waiting to get the right to make a new topic.

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@klusek only thing about that is when you read enough of the threads on the forum there is quite a number of people that cant access the phone app due to system issues which means they are locked out of support.

And then they are prohibited from creating help topics here on the forum as well, so they are locked out of their account, locked out of the support function in the app AND they are blocked out of being able to create a support thread on the forum.

I completely understand the logic behind having a mechanism to control the flow of messages to stop spamming and things like that but you have kind created a system where without access to the mobile app or if you are one of the people where the system blocks your account like I was its virtually impossible to reach Revolut support.

And as a user you kind of feel like your money is trapped in Revolut with no way to get it back and a support experience where your left always thinking if something happens to my app like it did last time I could be trapped in airport, shop, restaurant or petrol station with zero access to support and it will take days or weeks to fix this issue.

If revolut had a backup support phone number that was not an automated block your card system(which is kind of pointless) and had real people on the end of the phone then issues that are taking days or weeks to fix could be fixed in a matter of minutes or hours.

And this would give more users the feeling of comfort and safety that if anything was to ever happen they have access to help so they can access their money on the Revolut system.

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Not bad although Revolut is the only forum I am a member of where I can not create my own topics and post, I can only comment. Almost feels like Revolut does not trust their customers or is worried about what they will say or something.

I’d like a topic on Pockets to be created as it’s a feature I have been waiting for for a while. Am I the only own who feels it’s such an awesome feature?

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rather poor, never liked the discourse takeover of forums. Most annoyingly I cant create posts, even though I received a message and earned a badge eyerole that I’m now priviledge to “feel free to start a new topic

I would also love to create a new post for an idea for Revolut, but I too cannot create a post even though I was told I could now “start a new topic”…

If you can’t post or reply it’s not much of a community. I’ve been trying to add money to my account for 2 weeks now and have gotten nowhere with customer support.