How to withdraw money and not being charged an exchange fee outside Europe

The limit to withdraw money around the world with my Revolut card is £200 and I will get the interbank exchange rate with not extra charges, but that it is if I do the withdraw on weekdays not on the weekend is that correct? I just read the following:

“During the weekend, when the currency markets are closed, we apply a small markup ranging from 0.5 - 2% on top of the interbank exchange rate. This will depend on the particular currency.”

So what does it mean exactly?
does it mean that at the time and day I put the card in the ATM and withdraw the money, for example in Cambodia, it has to be a weekday, or is it talking about the day my account is charged with the transaction (this i don’t know how long it will take) ? Does it meann that if I buy something with my revolut card on a weekend in Thailand I will be charged 0.5% to 2% for the exchange of that purchase to GBP?

It has to be a weekday in the Uk or in the country where I am doing the withdraw or purchase?

Does this help?

Times referred to are UK times.

Don’t forget also that just because Rev won’t charge you the same may or may not apply to the ATM operator.

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