How to verify my account with a broken camera ?


Have you managed to resolve this? I have completely the same issue, and the FB chat support either re-sends me a link to my email to change my passcode, or say that there has been a bug for Android 0.5 and they don’t know when this will be resolved. So helpful.

Needless to say I have tried to reinstall the app at least 6 times, and even restart the factory settings 2-3 times.

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Can anyone help me? I have the same issue but i can’t access the chat because i have to upload a selfie first…

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Same issue on a Huawei p8.

Front camera not working, back camera is fine,

I have tried several approaches, to no avail:

  • cannot request help via app, because app only asks for selfie, no other functionality
  • no online support for personal accounts
  • I logged in via business support, they said they would escalate ( no response after several days )

Can anyone help?

  • Could the app allow the use of back camera?
  • What support channel should I use to upload photos?
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And how to access the support chat if the only thing I can see is the “identify your account” screen?

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Hi, same problem here, broken selfie camera, how can I send pictures of my documents? There is another option?

Hello iam having the same problem. I need to verify my account on my phon but i cant because my front camera is broken and it doesnt let me switch to the back camera. Please can someone help me i need that app in my phone so i can make transctions…

Contact Rev via in app help, Facebook or Twitter

Hi Revolut Team,

My phone camera is also not working, I’m not able to log into my Revolut app on phone. Please help !

Dear Revolut Team,

Please contact me ASAP, I’m revolut premium member and cannot access founds on my account.

I have taken a photo tog with my ID card but how can I send it ?

I have the same problem, what do i do?

I am the same I need help!

I may have the same problem. I can not access the app as I can not send a proper picture of my passport. I can not use any of the cameras of my mobile and I can not put the sim in another handset.
Any alternative ways to confirm identity?

How about ya’all get your phones fixed? :joy:

Hey. I Have the some problem :frowning:

Hi, I have exactly the same problem, NO working camera in my smartphone, my other smartphone with camera got broken. So now I HAVE a smartphone and DON’T have access to my Revolut. This is just ridiculous!

Does Revolut even care about us? Knock-knock Revolut, anybody there?

Hi, is it possible to register a revolut account with rear camera (my selfie camera is broken) or send photos otherwise?

I think it’s time for you to fix your phones. :joy:

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I mean there are modern mobile devices without cameras. There should be a way to submit images directly.