How to verify my account with a broken camera ?


Have you managed to resolve this? I have completely the same issue, and the FB chat support either re-sends me a link to my email to change my passcode, or say that there has been a bug for Android 0.5 and they don’t know when this will be resolved. So helpful.

Needless to say I have tried to reinstall the app at least 6 times, and even restart the factory settings 2-3 times.

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Can anyone help me? I have the same issue but i can’t access the chat because i have to upload a selfie first…

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Same issue on a Huawei p8.

Front camera not working, back camera is fine,

I have tried several approaches, to no avail:

  • cannot request help via app, because app only asks for selfie, no other functionality
  • no online support for personal accounts
  • I logged in via business support, they said they would escalate ( no response after several days )

Can anyone help?

  • Could the app allow the use of back camera?
  • What support channel should I use to upload photos?

And how to access the support chat if the only thing I can see is the “identify your account” screen?

Hi, same problem here, broken selfie camera, how can I send pictures of my documents? There is another option?