How to verify my account with a broken camera ?



I just installed the Revolut app (Android) and created an account. Now that i launch the app the only thing I’m allowed to do is verifying my identity, which I’m not able to do because of my camera…
After uploading documents I got a message saying it was unable to verify my identity, even though pictures looked correct (for a broken camera)

It seems I cannot do anything on the app as long as my identity has not been verified.

How can I get out of this situation ?


Use a different camera, upload the photos to your smartphone’s camera roll and send sharp, well lit, readable,photos of your documents via support chat.


I don’t have other camera actually…


Maybe a friend has?

I don’t know how to solve this puzzle when you need to take a sharp readable photo without, well, a camera that can do this.


Hi @matthieu71. An agent has resolved your query, your account is now fully active. Enjoy Revolut! :slight_smile: