How to verify my account with a broken camera ?


I just installed the Revolut app (Android) and created an account. Now that i launch the app the only thing I’m allowed to do is verifying my identity, which I’m not able to do because of my camera…
After uploading documents I got a message saying it was unable to verify my identity, even though pictures looked correct (for a broken camera)

It seems I cannot do anything on the app as long as my identity has not been verified.

How can I get out of this situation ?


Use a different camera, upload the photos to your smartphone’s camera roll and send sharp, well lit, readable,photos of your documents via support chat.


I don’t have other camera actually…

Maybe a friend has?

I don’t know how to solve this puzzle when you need to take a sharp readable photo without, well, a camera that can do this.

Hi @matthieu71. An agent has resolved your query, your account is now fully active. Enjoy Revolut! :slight_smile:


Hey, I have the Same problem, with broken dont camera, but I cant’t bet to support chat, pls help

I also have a broken camera, does not allow me to use my front camera and everytime I try to set it up on my friends phone it keeps bringing me in circles. Can I just send photos of my passport to someone?

Hi, I have the same problem. With my front camera broken, I am unable to login to the app after I had my phone re-installed. Obviously, the access to the in-app support is not possible. Can someone please assist?

My Brother have broken selfie camera. But The Front camera works fine.
Why you will not give people ability to select camera for selfie?

I am nor sure if I should put this suggestion here or in “Idea” section.

Sorry to post on your topic.
Somehow there’s a bug and not everyone is allowed to post topics on revolut community.

I have a similar bug.
The app require me to authentificate with my face.
It takes the picture and then roll back to “Let’s take a selfie”.
I’m unable to log in.
Unable to contact support.
Unable to post a topic.


My camera doesn’t work on my phone so can’t verify my identity and tried friends phone and won’t work

My front camera is broken and I can’t verify my identity and can’t get hold of anyone to talk to. already have money in my account and need to access it ASAP what can I do ? Please help

Dear all,
My camera is broken as well.
A friend took pictures of my id card and my face, together but I can’t send them using the app.
And I can’t have access to the chat as well.
How to confirm my identity then ?


I did the camera verification bit and nothing. Still can’t get in. I’ve forgotten my passcode as I have a new iPhone as was using facial recognition. Must happen all the time!! I don’t know what to do as I’m in a catch 22. Any ideas please?

I have same issuse and i dont have any other devices how i can fix that ?

I am having the same issues. My selfie camera is broken so I cannot compete verification. I don’t understand why revolut won’t let you use both front and back cameras??

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I have this issue too.
Any solution?

Not working for me also. Need help😭

I have a new Samsung Tablet but have been trying for 3 hours to take a photo of my passport with the revolut camera. My tablets camera works fine. Chat support has not resolved it

I have the same issue. My front camera id broken. After I wipe my phone and restore revolut app, I am unable to login and verify. Need urgent help.