How to verify as self employed


I have had an incoming transaction pending (for just over 24 hours) because the amount exceeded my non-verified allowance. The instructions on how to verify assume that I am employed and ask for a p60/wage slip - however I am self employed so do not have that info.

I asked support what to do (24 hours ago) and they said to wait a moment whilst it was escalated, I’m not sure my definition of a moment extends to an entire day.

I have gone ahead and tried to verify by submitting proof of the money coming in/out and then some recent invoices I have raised from my business but I’m not getting anything back from support.

I realise that I am probably going to just have to wait, but this is a pretty large amount of money for me that is now stuck in limbo and inaccessible and I have no idea whether what I have sent is actually going to be suitable or not. Can any one in support who reads this help?

Also, you should consider setting out clear requirements for people who are self-employed. There has to be a lot of us, your service really appeals to digital nomads who are often self-employed so its a little odd that there are no clear instructions regarding what we should do.



Likewise I asked the same question, did you get an answer ?

Bit odd they assume everything are salary slaves