How to use Revolut when lacking access to phone



I am abroad and because of phone problems and poor internet access I cannot make use of my Revolut app.

I made a transfer from my main account to my Revolut account a couple of weeks back. It took forever since Revolut had instaured this new IBAN system which my bank doesn’t recognize. After many hours of trying to contact support they gave me an alternative bank account which was supposedly valid, and I proceeded to send 300e over there.

Today wanting to withdraw money from an ATM I realized that my money never actually arrived, although after accessing my online-banking I could see that it was indeed transferred to Revolut. Can someone please help me figure out what I can do, and where my money is?

Again, I’m abroad and currently find myself without proper internet and with absolutely no money available.



You need to enter the chat if too long waiting time try it at twitter @revolutapp or on facebook messenger