How to use revolut for my online purchases


i´ve always used paypal for my purchases but because of international fees been applied to my gearbest transactions i am looking for a new way.

I can add my revolut card to paypal and use it.

I can pay with revolut card but i do not like this option because i need to give my real card number and i have security issues with this.

What is the safest and cheap way of do online shopping?

You could set up a virtual card and use it only for online shopping. Such a card could be freezed. You would only temporarily unfreeze it when you want to pay with it.

I case the PayPal fees you are seeing with international payments are related to dynamic currency conversion, you can look up how to disable PayPal’s conversion to avoid these fees.

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in case of a refund if my virtual card is freezed the refund is received?

Hi @brandaopj :wink:

Absolutely yes :wink:

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